Equifax will pay $640 Million for Kount’s AI-driven identity prevention tools

Equifax, a global company that provides technology, data and analytics, has purchased Kount for $640m. Equifax, a global technology, data and analytics company, has paid $640m to acquire Kount.

Sara Graves is the co-founder and CEO of US Title Loans. It allows customers to have personalized experiences. Equifax ai id 640m kountequifax.equifax id kount equifax luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax kountID 640m

Bradley Wiskirchen, the CEO of Kount Identity Trust Global Network, is his name. According to Wiskirchen, over 9,000 brands worldwide rely on Kount Identity Trust Global Network for digital fraud protection and enabling personalized customer experiences via new online channels. This will allow us to accelerate Kount’s international adoption. This will enable us to assist more businesses in protecting their digital innovations as well as customers from emerging threats.

About Kount

More than 9,000 brands and payment service providers use Kount’s Identity Trust Global Network. It protects accounts and provides fraud prevention.

Equifax, a global technology, data and analytics company, is located in Atlanta. The company has made investments in or is operating in 25 countries in North America, Central, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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