Gail mcdaniel it wasn’t so surprising that I would go on to do an apprenticeship at Toyota as a fitter and turner

Norma McGowan

I grew up in the country and when I wasn’t out in the bush building cubby houses, wooden stilts, and billy carts, I would be inside creating something whether it be drawing and painting, cutting and gluing, knitting or sewing. If I wanted something I made it. So it wasn’t so surprising that I would go on to do an apprenticeship at Toyota as a fitter and turner. Maybe the only surprising thing was that I was 40 when I started the apprenticeship with 3 kids 10, 14, and 16. That was 13 years ago and I still love working at Toyota, where I should clock up 25 years of service before I retire. This was a piece of artwork created out of recycled materials for a competition open to employees and their families during an open day in 2005. My 3 children and grandson also entered their work as well.

I worked for many years as a GP in the Western Suburbs. After retiring from my practice I was able to fulfill a dream of studying art. My parents had not allowed me to go to art school as it was not suitable for young ladies! I am currently studying for my Master having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT in 2007. While researching my entry for this exhibition I became fascinated with the Toyota Phaeton. It was the first Toyota passenger sedan built-in 1936. The AB Phaeton was the convertible version of the original AA model. I have chosen to construct this image using a hand-manufactured printing process, a time honored art-making process in Japan

I became fascinated with the Toyota Phaeton. It was the first Toyota passenger sedan built-in 1936.

MR2 Owners Club of Australia

The MR2 OWNERS’ CLUB OF AUSTRALIA was formed by a few keen enthusiasts following a TOYOTA sponsored driver education day at Calder raceway where purchasers of the new 1990 model MR2 were invited to learn more about the handling characteristics of the MR2, a very unique motor car. The club now caters for all models of the MR2. Toyota in Melbourne assisted the MR2 Club of Australia to get started by inviting MR2 owners to the first meeting held on 28 June 1991 at Dandenong. With Toyota’s support, subsequent meetings were held at the Melbourne upon their return from Barcelona in 1992. And again the MR2 Club was on hand to provide the MR2 Spyder for the 2004 AFL Grand Final parade in Melbourne on Friday and again at the game on Saturday. The club hosts events such as Navigational Rally, Hillclimb, and 1/4 mile sprints. Events organized cater for all interests, from picnics, BBQ, and social outings to road rallies, car trials, driver education, motorkhana’s, and motor racing. The MR2 Club is incorporated and affiliated with.

Toyota provided support by printing and posting the newly formed MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. Monthly Newsletter called “Track Record”. Over the first couple of years, Toyota and the Club had a very close relationship when a Toyota employee was appointed as part of their job description to look after and promote the MR2 Club in all their endeavors. In return the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. Was able to assist Toyota with various promotional efforts. The two highlights are the Club provided MR2 vehicles for the Olympic Team’s parade.


Confederation of Australian motorsport. A CAMS basic or superior license is mandatory to take part in competitive club events. Today the MR2 Owners’ Club of Australia (VIC Branch) Inc. Continues the relationship with Toyota by holding our AGM at Toyota Melbourne Headquarters and meeting regularly in Bertie Street for the start of Sunday Club Outings. This sets the atmosphere for the day and the members still get a thrill out of having a photograph taken of their “pride and Joy” MR2 with the large Toyota sign as a backdrop. Over the years the MR2 Owners Club of Australia has enjoyed a fantastic relationship with Toyota, particularly in Victoria and we hope that this relationship will continue to grow with the club.

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