What is  SMS recharge game? Instructions for Playing the  SMS recharge game

Game loaded by SMS online at the Trang Chủ New88. It is popular with many people because of its convenience and safety. Players do not need to worry about personal information being leaked to the outside world. In less than 30 seconds, the money will be updated into your account so you can participate in betting.

Introducing a few features of the SMS recharge game

In fact, the method of depositing money by SMS has been around for a long time at bookmakers New88. Currently, although there are more modern methods, SMS top-up is still popular with many people. Below is some introductory information about this deposit method of the house that you can refer to.

What is  SMS recharge game?

Before experiencing these games, you need to understand clearly SMS recharge game What is that. It can be understood that this is a form of transaction in which the player will deposit money into the house’s betting account using text messages on the phone. Transactions will be done in a few seconds and players can also withdraw money through this very simple form.

Accordingly, you only need to compose a message with extremely brief content and send it to the house’s switchboard. The system will quickly receive and recharge by deducting directly from your SIM account. This is one of the convenient, safe and modern transaction methods used by many members New88 like to use.

As mentioned, the transaction process via SMS only takes about 30 seconds. Therefore, you do not need to worry about running out of capital midway or having to wait too long to update your money.

Is it difficult to recharge by SMS to play online games?

This is the bookmaker’s question New88 received a lot, especially by new participants. Among the methods provided by the system, this is the simplest and safest form of transaction. You just need to log in to your account, choose the deposit method via SMS or contact the consultant directly for detailed step-by-step instructions.

All you need to do is use the phone number registered with the house, enter the amount you want to deposit, and your account name. After clicking confirm, the system will send an OTP code to your phone to ensure safety and accuracy. Money will be quickly updated into your account so you can continue betting here.

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Simple instructions on how to buy game cards by SMS

Below are simple instructions on how to buy game cards via SMS for your reference.

Conditions for depositing money by SMS successfully

If you want to choose the form of play Game loaded by SMS Players need to fully meet the following conditions:

  • At the present time when a player makes a transaction, the money in the phone account must be greater than the amount you want to trade.
  • The phone number used to send SMS messages must be the number registered with the house when creating a member account. At the same time, this is also your commonly used and main phone number.
  • Players must use a prepaid subscription and operate both ways normally. In addition, you must activate for a minimum of 30 days for Viettel sim, and for Vinaphone sim, you need at least 90 days.

How to buy game cards loaded by SMS through many carriers

At the bookies New88 You can buy cards Game loaded by SMS through two famous and reputable networks. Include:

Buy SMS game cards through Viettel network

You will have to perform the following syntax if you want to buy a card Game loaded by SMS via Viettel network:

Compose a message: [name of game card to buy] [face value of game card] and send to the switchboard number. To ensure safety, players need to be sure of the switchboard’s hotline number. If you want to know exactly, you can contact customer service.

Buy game cards loaded by SMS at Vinaphone network

For members using Vinaphone network phone numbers, you can easily carry out the card purchasing process as follows: [card name] [game card face value] and send it to the switchboard of New88.

Important notes when playing games to recharge via SMS

Although play Game loaded by SMS Simple, but bettors also need to note a few things to ensure the transaction process goes smoothly:

  • Make sure the balance in your phone account is greater than the amount you need to pay. In addition, it must be a multi-purpose sim, qualified for successful transactions.
  • Must use prepaid sim. In addition, SMS transactions will have fees, so you need to balance your capital to best suit your needs.

With the above information, hopefully players have clearly understood the flow Game loaded by SMS What is that. If you feel this form is convenient and safe, please experience it right at the house New88 Please.

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