What is shaking odds? Tips for playing 100% victory from professionals

What is shaking odds?? This is the most used type of bet in football today. Normally, shaking odds appear when the match takes place, so players need to observe carefully. To easily make money from vibrating odds betting, don’t miss the detailed sharing in the following article of Neu88.

What are the details about shaking odds?

If you are a soccer betting enthusiast, don’t ignore the form of playing vibrating odds. So what is the easiest way to bet on vibrating odds to win money? Please follow the information immediately in the following  New88 sports section.

What is shaking odds?

What is shaking odds? Flutter bets are a type of bet that is widely used in soccer betting. The house will provide this type of bet directly during the match so players can participate in betting. Although the winning rate in the shake bet is quite low, the interest received is quite high, so if you win in this bet, it will bring you a significant profit.

Many people who love the entire football team see this type of bet as a potential opportunity to make money. You just need to predict correctly for the treasury, the rate of capital recovery is extremely high. If you want to play shaky odds, bettors need to find the right opportunity to bet. Worth mentioning is that the number of bets is unlimited, so bettors can place multiple bets at the same time.

When is it easiest to win money when betting on shaking odds?

The shake bet will appear from the beginning of the main match, so it will increase the player’s chance of regaining lost capital.

Particularly in shake bets, in addition to 90 minutes of the match, you can also bet on extra time or extra time. Pen hits are also included in the odds, so you can feel free and not worry about losing your chance to make money.

What is the correct way to play vibrating odds at  New88?

Once you have learned about the concept of shaking odds, you need to understand the simple way to play this type of bet. Accordingly, right at the beginning of the match, the house has given a shaking odds and you need to bet accurately.

For example, when the bookmaker’s odds table shows the betting result of two teams as 00 and the betting form is over/under 1.5. If you predict the total number of goals is greater than 2 or more, bet on over, and vice versa, if you think the match will only have 1 goal, choose under. When the results match the prediction, money will flow into your account.

When playing over/under bets, you don’t need to care about how many previous goals there were, the house will calculate the starting bet when you make a successful bet. Only then will your match officially begin.
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The odds will change continuously according to the house’s arrangement, so the winnings will start to be calculated when you place your bet. The amount of money received when winning will be equal to the capital x the rate the house offers at the time of placing the bet.

For example, if you bet on Over/Under at the 10th minute with an odds of 1.2 but at the 40th minute change the odds to 2.0, you will receive money when you bet on 1.2 if you win. That means, when you bet 100,000 VND at the 10th minute, when the result is received, you will get 100,000 x 1.2 = 120,000 VND.

What are the tips for playing shake odds for the easiest way to win from today’s experts?

After learning about how to play shaking odds, you need to gain some experience from experts to have a chance to win big rewards from soccer betting:

  • Not only do you have to choose the time to place your bet, but you also have to find the right match to bet correctly. Before placing a bet, you should see the match schedule and information related to that match. For example, for those who like to bet on over odds, medium and large tournaments will be very suitable.
  • For soccer matches between teams in 5th – 3rd place, you should limit betting on shake odds. Or U21 matches or friendly matches are also limited.
  • If you want to place a shake bet, you should select the matches on the bookmaker’s odds table and especially the handicaps in the matches. Matches with a handicap of 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75 should be selected.
  • If you see an odd rate of 300, please quickly take this opportunity to increase your bonus. Analyze and observe the match carefully to make the most reasonable bet.

Hopefully the above information ofBookmaker  New88 Sharing helps you better understand what treble betting is and tips for making money from this form of betting. If you love soccer betting, don’t miss the attractive bets in soccer betting.

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