Instructions on how to play Catte, play quickly and win quickly for new players

For professional players at bookmakers Catte card game is an extremely familiar name. However, not everyone knows how to win easily, especially for new players. Let’s Trang Chủ Hi88 Learn about this game and the tips to win right in the article below.

Introducing the card game Catte

At today’s online bookies,Catte card game is one of the categories that is always loved and most participated in by players. However, for new players, it is quite difficult to grasp the secret to winning this game.

Origin of Catte card game is a game from India. After a long period of introduction and development, until today, Catte has appeared on online bookmaker platforms around the world.

When introduced to Vietnam, Catte was transformed into many different names by players. For example: Iron numb, sand numb, cut numb, the numb,… The difference in names comes from the different languages ​​and accents of each region.

Catte is similar to other card game genres when used 52 cards in the Tu Lo Kho set during my play. Each game only requires a minimum of 2 people, however to make the moves stable and attractive, each table should have about 5 or 6 players.

Instructions for playing Catte are simple and easy to understand

Catte isCard game The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. However, players need to apply this method of play flexibly to win. Nowadays, online game portals always update and improve gameplay on a regular basis to enhance the player’s experience.

However, to retain the characteristics of this game, the basic gameplay remains unchanged. As follows:

Instructions for playing the first 4 rounds of Catte card game

A game of Catte will be divided into many rounds with 2 different stages. In some special cases, the game can be connected in 4 rounds and 1 single phase. Turns are played counter-clockwise.

At the beginning of the first round, the first player will choose a card to play down. Then, the second player also makes his choice with one of two decisions as follows:

  • Place a card face down if there is no card to follow
  • Play a card of the same suit and larger than the previous player’s card.

Just keep playing like that for the next person. In a round of play, whoever plays the card with the highest value will keep that number of cards.

After everyone has played or folded their cards for 4 rounds, the game ends. If out of everyone there is only one person left, that person is the winner. On the contrary, in case the player does not keep any cards in all 4 rounds, he/she will be considered defeated and eliminated from the game.

Instructions for playing Catte card game 2 final round

If after the first 4 rounds, at least 2 people still have cards, the game continues into the last two rounds, the 5th and 6th rounds. In the 5th round (also known as the cardless round), the winner The winner in the 4th round will have the right to show the first card.

This person will proceed to play 1 card, while hiding the remaining card so that the opponent cannot see it. At this point, the remaining players will have two choices:

  • Play a card of the same suit and larger than the card. At that time, this person can take over the rights of the previous player.
  • Place a card face down if you predict that the face down card is not of the same suit or of the same suit but not greater than the previous player’s card. In this case, of course, the player will not have the right to win.

Through round 6 – the final round of play, players turn over their last cards. Similar to the first rounds, the person with the highest value card according to the dealer’s hand will win the game.

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Tips for playing Catte from veteran players

Compared to other card games on the market, Catte is a game that hardly relies on the element of luck. Specifically, players need to clearly understand the rules to proactively avoid cases of cheating and making unnecessary mistakes.

In addition, after understanding the rules of the game, you also need to have your own implementation strategies to bring the best results. Mastering the rules of the game is one of the ways to quickly gain your own advantage.

We will share with you the tips of experienced Catte players in the section below.

Understand the rules of the Catte game

As you can see, the rules of Catte are not difficult. However, in any game, the way of playing and the rules of the game are extremely important. Therefore, knowing the rules of the game also helps you proactively deploy your moves and avoid the opponent cheating.

One of the most basic and important rules of the game that you must understand is the rules of card arrangement and punishment. Only then will at least the player not lose unjustly or lose because of basic errors in the game.

Remember cards and guess Catte cards

One of the tricks that is considered key in Catte card games is memorizing cards. Even new players or veteran players always apply this way of playing to every game of Catte.

You need to remember the cards that both you and your opponents have played in previous rounds. From there, combine them with the cards in your hand to guess your opponent’s moves. This helps you have a clear strategy in playing cards, showing cards and showing cards in the most reasonable way.

Specific example: In the first round, you play an 8-of-heart card, but after that no one blocks your card, which means that in your opponent’s hand, no one has a card of the same suit and of more than 8-of-hearts. From there, you can develop strategies to play other, bigger hearts in the next round or use the cards to play in the last two rounds.

Know how to keep and display cards

In each round, players need to observe how their opponents play cards to keep good cards for the final round and play. In case you already have a spare part, it is not necessary to follow the cards in all rounds.

However, if you want to gain the right to show your cards and quickly defeat your opponent according to your moves, please keep your cards. In the 5th round, if you have won the right to draw, the secret is to choose large or high-quality cards that have been played a lot before, making it impossible for your opponent to block.

If you don’t win the right to show cards, that’s okay. But now you are forced to become a smart card holder. Keeping the big cards helps you increase your chances of winning, blocking and winning for yourself.

Allocate money and time to play Catte appropriately

Time and money are two important factors that determine your final victory. There are many people who play Catte games and pour time into them as a way to make a living day and night.

This not only greatly affects the player’s health but also risks putting you in a deadlocked life with no way out when you lose too many bets. Players should set themselves a financial amount of time to participate in the Catte card game every day. Don’t get too deep into Catte or any other game.

Maintain your mentality

Although it involves betting, in general Catte is still just a card game. Players need to maintain a comfortable mentality in this game to be able to win in the end.

However, to do this, you also need to practice through many games. The proof is that new players often start the first game quite poorly in mental control.

In addition, good psychology also makes it difficult for opponents to judge your moves by your facial expressions. In case you feel too impatient, you can take a few breaks to regain your mental stability. In short, you can’t win big but be subjective, and you shouldn’t be discouraged because of losing.

Practice good skills

This is the final and most important factor to win in Catte. No one can be good from the beginning, but your skills will improve after practice. Playing Catte skillfully with family and relatives is an effective way before participating in your bets.

In addition, now you can also find many new friends with the same passion Catte when participating in card games at game portals of online bookmakers on the market today. Here you can meet new players and meet masters, this helps you flexibly fight and improve your skills.

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