Is Machine Learning Compulsory in Mechanical Engineering Courses?

Are you a mechanical engineering student and have queries regarding machine learning? Do you believe that there is no need to have A machine learning need in your course? Here you will get the answers to all questions.

Is there a need for machine learning in mechanical engineering courses?

The period of robots and machines has just started. These machines and robots will rule the world very soon, so the fortune of machines is vast and is far away from our scope of imagination. So it is obvious that there is a need for Machine Learning In Mechanical Engineering courses. However, it needs a fraction of programming knowledge.

Are there any preliminary requirements for machine learning? 

The main and important requirement for Machine Learning In Mechanical Engineering is to have a piece of sufficient knowledge of programming language. Mostly, python is preferred due to its wider applications than anyone and ease of understanding. Python is used as a common language for machine learning.

It is essential to have a hold on various topics such as memory management, data structures, and classes. Although python is accepted as a very good language, it alone can not help you. Along with Python, you will need to learn more languages such as Java, C++, R, and Python and sometimes work on MapReduce.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a growing profession with branches in every industry, medical sciences, corporate sector, health care services and others. So, seeking a machine learning course as a mechanical engineer is the best choice to learn more about the application of machine learning in various industries.

Some colleges and private institutes offer these Machine Learning Courses, mostly offered by online websites. Some websites are edX, Coursera, Udacity, Codecademy, Edureka, Simplilearn, Udemy, Codingninjas, etc.

Software Technologies, Corporates, IT sectors and many more are the main recruiting areas in the profession of machine learning. After completing the machine learning course, candidates get several job offers like machine learning engineer, artificial intelligence engineer, Big Data and AI Architect etc.

Eligibility for machine learning courses 

Any candidate with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering can seek an online or offline course for machine learning. Remember that the candidate has scored at least 50% marks in their bachelor’s degree from any recognised board or university.

The average fees of Machine Learning Courses are low to mid compared to the average fees for their regular and full-time courses for machine learning. The average fees vary from INR 6,000 to 50,000 on top websites or training institutes for seeking this online course. However, there are some websites which are providing some courses free of cost.

Conclusion – Who will recruit machine learning mechanical engineers?

Most of these candidates are employed by both MNCs and small firms. Their job role is the same as that of other computer courses, but there may be a salary structure difference. Some of the recruiters of machine learning mechanical engineers are Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Wipro, Apple, Google etc.

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