Football corner kicks: The most detailed betting guide in 2024

Soccer corner kicks are a fairly new type of bet, so not everyone is knowledgeable about it and how to analyze this bet. Please join us in discovering detailed information through the article below. All the best conceptual and betting information will be provided quickly.

What is a corner soccer bet?

Soccer corner kicks are very popular today

Nhà cái Hi88 Have you ever wondered what soccer corner kicks are? This is a type of secondary market, also known as Corners, which is determined based on the total number of corner kicks occurring in a match to determine the result. Unlike other types of bets, this bet only focuses on the number of corners without regard to the score, match results or number of penalty cards issued.

Due to its simple nature, corner kicks are often included in their betting lists by bookmakers. However, although it is easy to play, it is not easy to predict and players often bet according to their feelings.

To win in this type of bet, players need to clearly understand the playing styles of the two teams to be able to make the most accurate predictions. The odds of corner kicks at Hi88 are often quite attractive, attracting many people to bet.

How to consider different types of soccer corner kicks

The most accurate ways to view corner kick bets

Here’s how to view the types of soccer corner kicks:

Corner kick handicap

This bet is based on the difference in ability of the teams. For example, if a match between a strong team and a weak team is both offered a high handicap, consult reputable prediction sources to better understand this handicap.

Players need to predict which team will have more corners to bet most accurately. This bet can be played on the 1st half, 2nd half or the whole match.

1X2 corner kick bet

This is an interesting type of corner bet, regardless of the handicap. But players must predict the outcome of the confrontation with 3 bets: win, lose or draw, based on the number of corner kicks.

Even and odd corner kicks

This bet is based on betting on whether the number of corner kicks is even or odd, regardless of the final score of the match. If you predict the number of corners correctly, you will win the bet.

Over/under corner kick odds

Players need to predict the number of corner kicks taken by both teams in a match to bet on over or under. If you predict the correct result, you will win.

Initial corner kick bet

Predict which team will take the first corner kick of the match. In case your prediction is correct, you will receive a bonus. However, if the match is abandoned or a corner is not taken, bets will be void.

Next corner kick bet

When participating, players guess which team will take the next corner kick. Bets are then determined quickly to create suspense during the match.
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How to bet on soccer corners accurately from Hi88

Extremely accurate football corner kick prediction

Although soccer corner kicks have attractive rewards, they require careful understanding and analysis. When participating in this type of bet, knowing how to analyze corner kicks to make accurate predictions is extremely important. Below are some effective methods that experienced players at bookmaker Hi88 often share:

  • In the Premier League, there are usually more corners than in the Bundesliga or La Liga. Evaluating the tournament will help you better understand the trends of teams in taking corner kicks.
  • A match between two teams with 2 strikers who regularly play on the flanks will often have more corners than a match with only one striker and the team concentrates in the middle of the field.
  • If there is a corner kick in the first 6 minutes of the match, there will likely be many corners taken throughout the entire match. On the contrary, if by the 10th minute there are still no corners, it is likely that the match will have few corners.
  • The number of corners usually increases in the final minutes of both halves, when both teams are trying to find a goal.


Through this article, you have an overview of soccer corner kicks, including types of bets and how to analyze them most accurately. This is an attractive bet with promising reward rates, which can bring you big rewards if you analyze and predict the bet correctly. In particular, this type of bet does not require a large amount of capital, which is really suitable for you to have the opportunity to win attractive rewards.

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