Top 5 games to play  New88 on the web to win huge prizes

Playing  New 88 on the web gives bettors a new experience. Revealing 5 games that attract the player community at  New88 in the following article.

Play  New88 on the webwith 5 games worth trying for an explosive start to 2024. These games are available at the official website of the  New88 game portal. Every day the number of players in the lobby of these games increases constantly. If you are curious about what these games are, please see this article immediately.

Overview of  New88 game portal

 New88 is a safe, reputable playground and attracts a large number of bettors on the market today

When talking about high-class and reputable betting card game portals, we definitely have to mention the name  New88. This is the second most famous prize-drawing playground on the market today. Specifically, we can mention the search results for the keyword ” New88″ on Google with more than 4 million results.

 New88 arrived in the Vietnamese market in 2020 and has grown strongly over the past 3 years.  New88 playground is also officially licensed to operate. Including: business license from the Philippine government and license from PAGCOR Organization (Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation).

Playing  New88 on the web will definitely surprise you with the level of investment in the game store of this game portal. All games from card games, jackpots to speed lottery, live casino are available with high quality products.  New88 has a huge capital source from an American financial organization, and this is also the reason why this game portal is willing to spend and play.

Top 5 betting games players should play  New88 on the web

The number of  New88 games on the web is extremely large and diverse, so you will need a long time to experience all the games. However, we would like to suggest to bettors the top 5 highest rated games at this game portal. Let’s take a look at the detailed information of each type.

Legendary  New88 Xoc Dia

Xoc dia when playing  New88 on the web has simple, easy-to-understand gameplay and extremely attractive reward rates

The coin toss game at  New88 will definitely impress you with its outstanding and impressive interface for players. The game background uses red color with the meaning of luck and success, sharp image quality is a huge plus for this game.

Besides, the rules of playing  New88 on the coin tossing website are easy to understand for all players. You just need to choose the bet level, then choose the main door Even, Odd or 4 special doors with high winning rates.

The highest payout ratio of  New88 coin toss is 1 to 16. This is an extremely competitive number compared to other playgrounds on the market. New recruits or brothers far from shore should consider coin toss as a return location.

Play  New88 on the website Sic Bo MD5

Over/under MD5  New88 is the game that attracts the most bettors in 2024. This game has a super attractive loss of only 2%, and transparent results using the MD5 method ensure maximum benefits for players.

The color scheme of MD5 Sic Bo game has an impressive blue and purple main tone. This color helps soothe players’ eyes if they bet for a long time. The command button in this game is smartly designed, extremely convenient when hovering without spending too much time searching.

Lotto 1 wins 900

Lottery 1 to 900 is the game with the most participants when playing  New88 on the web

Lottery players will definitely love the 1 to 900 Lottery game at  New88 because the gameplay is simple but the bonuses are huge. If you bet on a lot of 3 numbers for 10k VND in a lot of 23 prizes, the winnings you will receive are up to 900k.

The image and sound quality of this game reaches a full 10 points. Clear letterforms, elegant colors, high-quality sound, and sophisticated smart interface ensure players don’t want to leave.

Live casino is super hot

The Live casino playing  New88 on the web is full of your favorite games, they include: Blackjack, Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette, Long Ho, Poker and games in Game Show.

 New88 cooperates with the most famous supplier on the market – Evolution. This is a name that professional bettors love. Because these live casino games are of high quality and have extremely beautiful dealers.

Go to the South  New88

The Southern Tien Len card game  New88 has modern gameplay mixed with ancient traditions. This helps you still feel like recalling old memories, but ensures you don’t get bored with this familiar yet strange game.

 New88 has been very thoughtful in providing a variety of tables with different flexible bet values. Whether you are a rookie without much capital or a professional bettor, you all have your own betting tables.

Outstanding advantages when playing  New88 on the web

With the number of players at  New88 increasing, surely many of you are curious about what attracts players so much at  New88. If you are also curious, see the 3 most outstanding advantages at this game portal.

Eye-catching interface, top-notch sound quality

After logging into the main lobby of the website, you will definitely love  New88 at first sight. The interface of this game portal is extremely attractively designed. The main colors do not use hot colors that are dazzling and very delicate.  New88 uses blue tones mixed with a little black, red and yellow to help soothe the player’s eyes.

Regarding sound, this game portal knows how to choose melodies that pique players’ interest. The sound is not too bright and annoying but still vibrant enough to activate the fighting spirit of the brothers.

Playing  New88 on the web has many promotions

 New88 playground is always very grateful for the support of members who come to play. Therefore, this game portal regularly launches many promotions to express gratitude to these great players. Every day, every month and every quarter  New88 updates thousands of different promotions.
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Some of the latest promotions at  New88 include:

  • Donate 100k to newly registered account.
  • Get 150% bonus card value when you deposit for the first time.
  • Unlimited cashback up to 2% for all gamers.
  • Get 20-40% of the deposit value for the 2nd deposit.

Customer care staff is attentive and enthusiastic

Any problems you encounter such as: Forgot login name, withdrawal error, wrong code deposit, forgotten game password,… will be immediately supported by  New88 customer service. This team operates 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

Support staff are professionally trained in attitude, professional knowledge, communication ability, etc. Therefore, when supported by this team, you will be satisfied anytime, anywhere.

Instructions on how to play  New88 on the web

Here is the fastest way to play  New88 on the web:

Step 1: Visit the official  New88 website -> Select Quick Play web version.

Step 2: The new window that appears is the  New88 game website. Log in to your game account here and start playing the game.


Playing  New88 on the web provides you with countless extremely modern and interesting games. The games here will all have the most competitive reward values ​​on the market, so you can rest assured. Hope you guys find the most suitable games for yourself and win big.

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