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Fix Focal Lenses Overview: What Fixed Focal Lenses Can Do For Machine Vision

Fix focal lenses can do much more than merely make your vision clearer. In this article, we’ll explore some ways that are used to improve and optimize machine vision systems.

What Is Fix Focal Lenses

Fixed focal lenses are designed to be functioned with a fixed-focal-length camera. This type of camera has a lens that is not interchangeable with other lenses. The advantage of using a fixed focal lens is that they are much smaller and lighter than zoom lenses, making them ideal for use in machine vision applications where weight and size are critical factors.

Fixed focal lenses are available in a wide range of focal lengths, from very short (e.g. 2mm) to long (e.g. 200mm). The most popular fixed focal length for machine vision applications is 12mm, although longer and shorter focal lengths are also used depending on the particular application requirements.

How Fix Focal Lenses Can Benefit Machine Vision

There are many benefits to using fixed focal lenses in machine vision applications. One benefit is that they allow for more precise imaging. This is because the image stays in focus regardless of how far away the object is from the lens. This means that objects can be imaged more accurately, which is crucial in applications like medical imaging where even a small error can have serious consequences.

Another benefit of fixed focal lenses is that they tend to be smaller and lighter than other types of lenses. This makes them easier to use in portable machine vision systems. Additionally, fix focal lenses typically have a lower cost than other types of lenses, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.


There’s no doubt that fixed focal lenses have a lot to offer machine vision applications. By correcting for various aberrations, these lenses can produce images with greater clarity and resolution. If you’re looking for an edge in your machine vision application, fixed focal lenses from the YTOT Lens are worth considering.

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