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The Practice of E-Commerce Logic on Pharmaceutical Supply & Demand: The Highly Integrated Pharma Sources Trading Platform

Whether it is the age of portals, the age of browsers, or the age of the industrial Internet, the business is all user-centered, and traffic will come only when there are users. What is important is to focus both on the “quantity” and “quality” of the traffic, which is related to user behavior, such as next-day retention, repurchase, and deep engagement. What e-commerce needs is not simply the number of PV, but the ultimate conversion and customer retention. It is the same for the trading of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Successful Case: Pharma Sources

For pharmaceutical companies, the one-stop online API trading platform provided by Pharma sources, a professional provider, provides them with a platform for rapid deployment, transaction, and communication, and flattens the marketing channels and drug data analysis needs, thus achieving cost reduction and efficiency.

Such an approach is an innovative use of Internet B2B thinking. The success story of Pharma sources reflects the bearish vitality of the Internet in helping companies to market.


Pharma sources are not simply a way for API companies to move their offline business online, but rather to improve communication efficiency and make marketing more convenient through Pharma sources, a highly integrated supply, and demand platform. Visit Pharma sources‘ website for more information about their trading platform.

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