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SLAN-96P: A PCR Machine from Sansure

Labs performing various DNA testing methods increasingly incorporate real-time PCR technology, such as SLAN-96P. Find out more about this system’s benefits and how it can help you test faster and with fewer resources.

SLAN-96P: a PCR machine

A PCR machine is a type of laboratory equipment used to amplify small segments of DNA. The machine uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to make many copies of the target DNA fragment. This allows researchers to study the target DNA fragment in greater detail.

The SLAN-96P is very accurate and can test for various conditions. One is the hepatitis B virus (HBV), a viral infection that can cause serious liver damage. Early diagnosis and treatment of HBV are essential to prevent serious health problems.

PCR tests for HBV are highly accurate and can be used for early diagnosis of HBV infection. In addition, Treatment for HBV is available and can help prevent serious health problems associated with the virus.

Sansure: A Reliable Real-Time PCR System Supplier

With its cutting-edge gene technology at its core, Sansure Biotech Inc. provides in vitro diagnostic solutions that integrate diagnostic agents, tools, and independent clinic laboratory services. In addition, the business is dedicated to being a provider of genetic technology.

Sansure has independently invented and upgraded “Multiplex fluorescent PCR-amplification technology” based on the traditional fluorescence PCR instrument from the perspectives of the amplification reaction buffer system and probe labeling technology, etc. This approach is cleverly coupled with melting curves and TaqMan probe detection technologies. Additionally, it gets around the restriction of only being able to detect one target in a single channel, realizes the simultaneous detection and analysis of two or more targeted targets in a monochromatic fluorescent channel, detects at least eight targets in a single reaction tube, and makes it possible to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose a variety of pathogens.


A real-time PCR technology detects and quantifies genetic material exceptionally accurately and efficiently. The technique can swiftly and precisely identify particular DNA sequences, which is only one of its many benefits. SLAN-96P is a useful tool for researchers and scientists because it is also quite easy to use.

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