Which Is The Best Alternative To Powerpoint To Create Slideshow Videos?

Slideshows mix the greatest photographs and videos into a shared experience for your audience. Whether you want to show off your creative pictures or relive a particular moment with loved ones, the best slideshow software gives you the freedom and flexibility to edit and customise. You may also play with the themes, layouts, and transitions to create a visually fantastic result.

Unfortunately, if the tool you’re using doesn’t provide a simple drag-and-drop functionality, extensive formatting choices, or smooth transitions, creating a personalised slideshow may take long. That is why, as slideshow creators, we investigated, discovered, and evaluated them. Continue reading to find the best slideshow maker for making slideshow presentation videos in 2022.

Google Slides

In the Google Workspace suite of tools, Google Slides is a slideshow that may be used to make presentations. To construct representations with your coworkers, you may use the program to create and synchronise slides, share them with others, add comments, and set action items.

You may use Google Slides to display slides during meetings, reference speaker notes, show text to viewers, and access live subtitles for audio material. You may use the program with third-party video conferencing systems to deliver PowerPoint presentations for online conferences.

Brilliant composition and autocorrect are two features that assist you in automatically correcting spelling and formatting mistakes in your presentations. An offline mode allows you to continue working on your presentations even if you do not have an internet connection.


InVideo is your best choice if you’re searching for a free slideshow maker with multi-brand presets, 24×7 language support, and a large variety of editing capabilities. The slideshow generator in InVideo allows you to work alone or with a group of people to create a slideshow.

The free online slideshow generator from InVideo allows you to easily mix your images and videos into presentations, vacation memoirs, and video montages. Set the ambiance for your picture and video slideshow by customising the backdrop, text style, and colour scheme, as well as adding background music.

It’s easy to customise the design to include your images and music and create a slideshow for free! Trim, crop, and animate your video using professional video editing capabilities. Make notable slideshow films by selecting more than 100 transitions and effects from a library.


Canva is another fantastic free slideshow maker with many features for every use you can think of. Thousands of templates are available for use in your education, business, festivities, or simply for pleasure. This online slideshow creator will help you pull it off whatever the occasion.

The program has a collection of presentation templates that you can use to customise your presentations using pre-built films, logos, and pictures. Furthermore, Canva allows you to interact with others by granting them access to the content interface.

This tool lets you change the colour scheme of your slides and add animation to them. In addition, you may use it to eliminate photographs’ backgrounds. You may also utilise the version history to go back to a prior design rather than having to reverse all of your modifications.


Kizoa is a free slideshow creator that is simple to use, owing to a significant number of pop-ups that provide suggestions and information on how to use this slideshow program. Kizoa allows you to use pre-made templates (organised by categories) or create ones from yourself for slideshows.

The photographs may be uploaded from your PC or Facebook to the slideshow program. Each slide may have text added to it, and this free slideshow builder has several different text styles to choose from. Preset GIFs and music may be added to the slideshows, as well.

It is possible to use the photographs, but they may also be centred and fitted, so there are no empty spaces in the films. Overall, it’s a fantastic free slideshow creator. Create a slideshow and preview it before sharing it online, sending an email with a link, or saving a file; this is the sole drawback.


Powtoon’s editor is centred on a slide deck, making it simple to produce entertaining movies. However, after you finish editing your Powtoon movie, it’s far more polished than an ordinary PowerPoint presentation. A video begins playing over your presentation as soon as you press play.

In terms of time, you may set your parameters for how long each slide should be. Using Powtoon, you can see how much time you’ve spent on each slide compared to how much time you’ve spent on your presentation in the right-hand corner of the editor.

Subscribing will allow you to use Powtoon’s more advanced capabilities, such as creating longer videos, storing them in MP4 format, and white-labelling your slides.


Using PowerDirector, you can edit your videos and make professional-quality slideshows that others can share. Using the mobile timeline editor, you can easily upload your photographs and video clips to see how they appear in various styles before making a final decision.

Even if you’re a complete novice to video editing, you’ll be able to benefit from the app’s simplified approach to complex effects. You may also use eye-catching keyframe animations or automated pan-and-zoom tools to create a stunning outcome.

You may include motion graphics and branded material or design bespoke transitions to integrate photographs flawlessly to make a more traditional slideshow. PowerDirector is a favourite with novices and expert users alike because of its simplicity and improved mobile editing interface.

WPS Office

WPS Office is the most similar replacement to PowerPoint in functionality and user interface. Furthermore, unlike the other web-based services on our list, it does not need the usage of a live internet connection at all times.

WPS Office’s comprehensive support for PowerPoint files allows users to modify current PowerPoint documents easily. They may even manipulate individual items and incorporate films exactly as in Microsoft PowerPoint. It also has a variety of templates from which users may choose their favourite.

However, users should bear in mind that although the program is free, it is financed by advertisements, which may be annoying at times. Furthermore, teamwork is more complicated than it is with Google Slides.


Any competent slideshow creator, in our opinion, should have certain essential functions. To make your work seem more polished, you’ll need to be able to include photographs, video, and music. This capability is available in all of the services on our list as well as various additional features, such as social network integration and templates. 

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