Versatile and Durable: Hengli’s BOPET Films for Industrial Applications

Hengli’s BOPET films possess superior mechanical, optical, and barrier properties. These enhanced properties make Hengli’s BOPET films a reliable and versatile solution for industrial applications. In this article, let’s dive into the uses and benefits of Hengli’s BOPET films and why they’re a go-to choice for industrial applications.

Introduction of Hengli’s BOPET Films

Hengli’s BOPET films are a high-quality solution for a range of industrial applications. They are made from a thermoplastic polymer resin and are processed in a biaxial orientation process to achieve exceptional mechanical, optical, and barrier properties.

BOPET films are known for their high tensile strength, dimensional stability, transparency, and heat resistance. Hengli’s BOPET films are available in a range of options, including plain and metalized films, white opaque films, and coated films. These films can also be customized to meet specific customer needs and requirements.

Hengli’s BOPET films are particularly suitable for use in packaging applications, thanks to their excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and other gases. They can also be used in the printing industry, where their high clarity and dimensional stability ensure superior printing quality.

In the electronics industry, Hengli’s BOPET films are used in applications such as flexible printed circuits, insulation, and capacitor films. Their high-temperature resistance and dimensional stability are essential for ensuring reliable and high-performance electronic components.


In summary, Hengli’s BOPET films offer exceptional various properties, making them a reliable and versatile solution for a range of industrial applications. Whether you need plain or metalized films, Hengli has the solution for your needs. So if you need a high-quality and customized BOPET film for your industrial applications, you can trust Hengli to provide you with the best.

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