Top Tips for Sharing Your Bong with a Friend

Marijuana opens doors for new friendships and strengthens the bond in existing relationships. It is not such a big surprise that many stoners love smoking in a community setting, among friends. However, if you are planning on sharing your bong with a friend in a social setting, you must understand the etiquette.

There is a proper way to conduct yourself when consuming herbs with friends in public. If you have been consuming weed in public for a while, marijuana etiquette will most likely come naturally to you. However, if you are new to this terrain, you should understand how to share your bongs.

While weed is great for many people, you should understand that not everyone enjoys a hit. If you offer a friend you bong and you notice that they are reluctant or disinterested, don’t push or hassle them. It is important to respect everyone’s decision when consuming cannabis.

  • Let Your Guest get the First Hit

So, if you are having a house party and you decide to pass around your bong to friends, give your guests the honor of getting the first hit. This is basically common courtesy when you have stoner guests around.

It shows that you respect them and make them feel welcome in your space. Even if you are meeting a friend in public, you should consider giving them the honor of taking the first hit.

  • Clear the Chamber

Before sharing your bong with a friend, clear and clean the chamber. Stale smoke smells and tastes awful. It is so bad that it can cause a severe cough.

So, make sure you clean the chamber of your bong before you take it out or pass it to a friend. If you cannot clear it for whatever reason, try to at least blow out the stale smoke through the carburetor but not through the mouthpiece.

  • Remove the Stems and Seeds of the Weed before loading

You deserve the best taste of weed, and so do your friends. Therefore, make sure you prepare your weed before the meeting. You must remove the stems and seeds from your weed before loading.

Adding the seeds and stems will make your marijuana taste bad when you burn them. Not only that, but they can also cause your joint or bowl to pop and spark, which will ruin the smoking experience.

  • Observe Proper Hygiene

One major reason people steer clear of sharing bongs or other smoking devices with others is safety. With Covid-19 still prevalent, exercising caution is critical when sharing your bongs with a friend. Before you pass the bong, ask yourself how safe it is.

The truth is that you increase your chances of contracting the virus when you share the same mouthpiece with friends. So, you have to consider this risk before thinking of passing your over bong to the next person.

Even if you rule out the possibility of contracting the virus, there are other health concerns you have to consider. If you have to share at all costs, make sure to at least clean the mouthpiece.

  • Never Slobber on the Mouthpiece

We just have to separate this point from the above. While it borders on hygiene, it needs to be called out separately.

For a start, nobody wants a mouthful of another person’s saliva. So, be nice enough to keep your spit to yourself. If you can’t help yourself, try to at least wipe off the mouthpiece before you pass it to your friend.

  • Don’t Pass an Empty Bowl

While it is not often easy to tell if you had taken the last of the hit, you can get a hint if you pay attention. If you feel you just took the last hit, you should tell your friend about it instead of passing a cashed bowl.

For instance, you can just tell them to be careful, so they don’t inhale a mouthful of ash when taking a hit. If you are certain that it is cashed, simply empty the bowl before you refill or stow it away.

  • Handle Your Bong with Care

You surely would not like your favorite bong to get broken or damaged through mishandling. It is easy to forget that you have a piece on your lap after a smoking session.

So, make sure you don’t leave your bong on your lap or anywhere it can easily fall and break, especially if it’s made of a fragile material like glass. You may also want to caution your friend during use to ensure your device is well protected.

  • Don’t Blow Smoke in Your Friend’s Face

It’s easy to get lost in the euphoria of the moment and lose guard. However, whatever you do, never blow smoke on your smoking buddy’s face. It is quite unkind and rude. It can also lead to bad vibes between you two.

  • Don’t Forget to Clean Your Bong after the Session

When you are done getting a big hit with your friend, remember to clean your bong. Leaving leftover smoke or herbs in your device will make your next smoking session somewhat unpleasant. You definitely would not want to inhale stale smoke. So, take the time to carefully bring out the bowls to clean, and don’t forget the mouthpiece too.


There are you have important things to consider when sharing your bong with a friend. Without a doubt, sharing a smoking session with friends is fun. However, it can go south if you don’t exercise caution in some instances.

For instance, smoking with friends in public where you have children is not recommended. If you are attending a party, consider asking your host if you can bring along your bong. Even at that, be cautious enough to consider other guests since not everyone enjoys smoking.

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