Renewing Your Oklahoma HVAC License: What You Need to Know

If you’re an HVAC professional in Oklahoma, keeping your license up-to-date is important. This ensures that you’re legally able to work in the state and helps you stay current with industry standards and best practices. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about renewing your Oklahoma HVAC license.

Understanding Oklahoma HVAC License Renewal Requirements

The first step in renewing your Oklahoma HVAC license is understanding the requirements. According to the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB), all mechanical contractors and journeyman must complete six hours of continuing education units (CEUs) every 36 months or three years. These CEUs can be completed through approved courses offered by various providers.

It’s important to note that failure to renew your license on time can result in penalties, fines, and potential suspension or revocation of your license.

Steps to Renewing an Oklahoma HVAC License

Renewing your Oklahoma HVAC license is straightforward, but it requires some planning and preparation. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Determine your expiration date: The first step is determining when your license expires. You can do this by checking with the CIB or reviewing any renewal notices you may have received.

Complete six hours of CEUs: Once you know when your license expires, you’ll need to complete six hours of CEUs from an approved provider before that date.

Submit renewal application and fee: After completing your CEUs, you’ll need to submit a renewal application along with the appropriate fee ($200 for contractors and $75 for journeymen) to the CIB.

Wait for approval: The CIB will review your application and notify you once approved.

Receive a new license: Once approved, you’ll receive a new license, valid for another 36 months.

Tips for Renewing an Oklahoma HVAC License

To make the renewal process as smooth as possible, here are some tips:

Start early: Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your CEUs or submit your application.

Keep track of deadlines: Make sure you know when your license expires so that you have plenty of time to complete all requirements.

Choose reputable providers: When selecting CEU courses, choose providers approved by the CIB and with a good reputation within the industry.

Double-check application materials: Before submitting your renewal application, double-check that all required materials are included and filled out correctly.

Stay organized: Keep all documentation related to your license renewal in one place so that it’s easy to access if needed.

V. How to Get Started With RocketCert

One option for completing CEUs is through RocketCert’s online courses specifically designed for Oklahoma HVAC professionals seeking to renew their licenses. Their courses are affordable, convenient, and approved by the CIB.

To get started with RocketCert:

Visit their website at

Select “Oklahoma” from the dropdown menu under “HVAC Continuing Education.”

Browse available courses and select those that meet your needs

Complete each course at your own pace

Receive a certificate of completion once finished

Use this certificate as proof of completion when submitting your renewal application

Consequences of Failing to Renew an Oklahoma HVAC License

If you fail to renew your Oklahoma HVAC license on time, the CIB may impose penalties and fines and suspend or revoke your license. Furthermore, if you continue to perform HVAC services without a current license, you may face civil penalties and fines up to $2500 and up to one year in prison.

If your license has lapsed or been suspended, you may be able to apply for reinstatement. To do so, you must submit a reinstatement application and pay a reinstatement fee. You may also need to complete additional coursework or pass a competency exam. The CIB will review your application and determine if reinstatement is appropriate.

You will not be eligible for reinstatement if your license has been revoked. In that case, you would need to apply for a new license and meet all the requirements as a new applicant.

It is important to remain up to date on your license renewal and ensure that you are following all requirements of the CIB to avoid any potential penalties or negative consequences.


Renewing an Oklahoma HVAC license may seem daunting at first, but proper planning and preparation can be a straightforward process. By understanding requirements, following necessary steps, choosing reputable providers like RocketCert, and staying organized throughout the process – professionals can ensure they maintain their licenses without any hassle!

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