Everybody Ought To Know About The New Arrivals Of VOGRACE

Are you looking for the best quality crafting products? Do you want them all at very reasonable prices? Then you must have to consult the service of VOGRACE. There are high quality and best services provided by vograce.

All the products of VOGRACE include high-quality acrylic keychains, Custom stickers, and pillows, not only this, but the best quality business cards are also available. But due to high demand and best quality VOGRACE  is introducing lots of more attractive products.

So in this article, you are going to get all the information related to the best supplies and new arrivals of VOGRACE and lots of other products. If you want to check any of them you can check the link mentioned above. So let’s find out what is new in VOGRACE.

Custom openable shaker standees

This product from VOGRACE is different. If you are looking for something extra and highly attention seeker you have to buy this OpenTable shaker standee. This standee has lots of customization. You can enhance the grace of your table by putting this standee on it. It contains different instructions for opening and has lots of plus points.

  • It contains detachable high-quality three-layer boards
  • It contains different types of small pieces
  • It also has a state assembly so that it can easily stand on your table
  • Smooth edges  make it even more comfortable
  • Highly creative and use the latest technology for the creation
  • Customize your own type of openable shaker standee

Puffy stickers

Here we have another best quality and highly attractive thing. Brand new puffy stickers by VOGRACE. The demand for these stickers is high so VOGRACE is thinking of making them for their customers. They are highly durable and have a wide application area.

  • They can be applied to your brand new water bottle, notebook, glasses case, or on your computer.
  • They are highly affordable 
  • They have very MOQ
  • Quality matter a lot so they are in tr form of sheets 
  • Packing is fully free so that you can enjoy the puffy stickers

Custom draft bottle charm

If you want to make your pencil case, Keyes, or your bag even more attractive you must need this. I assure you you are going to love it because it is very charming and very catchy. This custom draft bottle is highly attractive and makes you feel beautiful. So must place another of these charms from VOGRACE

  • Keychain accessories are included
  • 10pcs MOQ for better sampling
  • Glitter selection is customizable 
  • Sequin is also highly adaptable to make these bottles even more attractive
  • You will get a 50% discount if you order more than 300 pcs of this charming bottle

Lenticular cards and charms

Let’s move to our next and of the greatest arrival that’s high-quality cards. You can use these cars as a gift for your friend. They are highly pretty and if you want to make more and more memories you must need these cards because they are unique in their own way. You must check out the details

  • They are available in different types including different designs
  • Make their costumes in the form of keychains. 
  • Use them as a gift 
  • Customize the size and shape according to your demand
  • They are highly durable and fancy

Custom acrylic photocards 

If you are looking for something highly durable go for these premium quality photo cards these cards are in the form of card slots that give an aesthetic effect. They are also highly demanded in the market so you must have to buy one of them to make your photos look even more beautiful than you are.

  • You will get MOQ f 3 pcs
  • They are highly attractive and prove beauty in your photo.
  • They will be packed in degradable opp bags
  • They have custom sizes and designs according to customer demands of the customer.
  • The color section option is also available
  • A protective film of chia is also attached 
  • They are very bright and  transparent 

Custom synthetic wooden acrylic keychain

There are lots of different types of keychains supplied by vograce including acrylic keychains, holographic keychains, epoxy keychains, and more but due to high demand, VOGRACE had introduced the best quality synthetic wooden keychain that is very natural and real. You can order any type of accessory with this keychain

  • You will get 3 pcs of these keychains as a sample
  • Different wood material is used including cherry wood, ash wood, basswood, white wood, or more according to the demand
  • It contains three composure boards it has laser cutting for a perfect finish
  • It includes 3D printing
  • It has an extra smooth surface
  • Custom size and shape is available with different accessories

Custom acrylic fridge magnets

Last but not clear. If you want to make our kitchen look more beautiful you must need their attractive custom acrylic fridge magnets. You can customize your favorite character and put it in the fridge. Details include

  • Customized size with magnet
  • Can also be applied to a car window or home wipe
  • It includes an eco-friendly rubber magnet 
  • High attractive and cute
  • The best packaging for free

Frequently asked questions

Can I order a custom phone case from VOGRACE?

Yes, you can easily customize your phone case from VOGRACE

How much discount will I get from vograce?

.Discount depends on your order. If you make a massive order you will get more discount. If you just order 1 or 2 pcs you will not get any discount.

How can I know the status of the order?

The collection of our payment method is done through PayPal. Make your order confirm and provide us with an email or business phone number. VOGRACE will confirm when your order will be ready through that email

Final words

Not only this there are lots more things that are new in the list of vogue. If you want to know about them just let me know in the comment area below. I hope you have got all the ideas about the best supplies of high-quality products from VOGRACE. See you in the next blog. Thank u

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