Remember the lottery – The newest and most effective method of predicting lottery numbers

Silver remembers the lottery This is the prediction method with the highest probability that you should not miss. Let’s predict the results of the northern lottery using lottery numbers and lottery numbers to find out the appearance rules of the numbers that will come out today. Or predict the lottery pairs that have a high chance of exploding the next day based on today’s lottery results table. Let’s New88 Learn about this method to see what the lucky numbers are!
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What is lottery memory?

There are many different lottery prediction methods known to lottery players. Each method has its own advantages/disadvantages. And of course, it comes with each player’s luck.

The Silver Memory Lottery method is the number 1 method. For experienced lottery players, it will be easy to win big lottery numbers because applying this method is very successful. This is a method to find the rules of numbers. The goal of experts when using lottery predictions is to find numbers that have a high probability of winning today.

Lottery cards are one of the most well-known and successful methods of predicting lottery numbers, so it is chosen as the top solution for lottery players.

What lottery players need to do is to find a pair of lucky numbers with a high return rate today. Of course, the numbers found will need to have a basis, based on specific rules and periods of falling lots. This requires players to spend time researching the lottery, calculating the frequency of lottery numbers, grasping the rules and understanding the Northern lottery results table within a certain time. Because each cycle can be short or long. Each player must apply more knowledge of arithmetic and logic, and also need a little luck.

Why should you use the lottery prediction method?

Currently, there are many screening methods silver remember xsmb, each method has its own advantages and limitations. Compared to the known and popular methods of catching lottery today, lottery prediction is considered the simplest way to play lottery.

  • Lottery playing method is a combination of many very useful lottery prediction methods, bringing high probability of winning. Partly because it is suitable for both new and experienced players.
  • Lotto is a quick and easy way to find out the numbers by showing the signs of the previous day’s lot. With the ability to scan quickly, this type of prediction brings a high winning rate.
  • Easily choose lucky lottery numbers, beautiful numbers, and extremely fast numbers for today
  • Highly effective, remember the lottery and win wherever you play. This is considered a highly accurate method of predicting and remembering lottery numbers that lottery players can completely trust.
  • Can be combined with other lottery playing methods to help players choose absolute winning numbers.
  • Thanks to the advantages that this lottery player and lottery player brings, many lottery players have applied it regularly and won the lottery continuously.

Methods of predicting silver and remembering mb lottery are easier to win

Below are some methods of predicting and remembering lottery numbers that are chosen and applied quite commonly by lottery experts today.

Silver remembers the dumb head

In the method of predicting lottery numbers, the top of the list is lottery numbers according to the special mute head. So what number should a dumb person bet on in the lottery? This is a number that does not appear in the lottery and of course has no results on the special prize. Furthermore, it often comes to Southern stations and Central stations.
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Because of this sign, it is said to be the method with the highest success rate. It helps lottery players predict beautiful numbers with high winning rates.

If you notice this sign in the lottery, you can find solid numbers to predict the next day’s jackpots. You can apply the numbers according to the following general rule:

  • The first 0 is silent today, the next set of numbers will be the pair of numbers 01, 06 the next day.
  • If the first number 1 is silent today, then the next day when you play the next set of numbers, it may be lotteries 12 or 19
  • If number 2 is silent today, it is likely that the pair 23 and 28 will explode the next day.
  • If the first sign 3 is mute, then today you can play the lottery pair 32, 37.
  • Realizing that number 4 is mute, today I have a pair of numbers 40 and 45.
  • The first sign of 5 is silent, you can bet on the pair of lots 54, 58.
  • If the first 6 was silent the day before, remember to play the lottery pair and play 60 and 69 the next day.
  • Today’s mute 7 numbers don’t miss the pair of numbers 70 and 75.
  • If today the number 8 is dumb, you can immediately raise 2 numbers 82 and 85
  • The first 9 is silent today, tomorrow the pair 95, 98 is the luckiest number

In addition to the rules about lucky numbers above. Players can absolutely apply the lottery trick of remembering to pair the mute head with 0. You should try to pair the mute head or double bet, they are all lottery numbers that have the ability to win special prizes and high numbers.

I remember the lottery according to my dumb ass

Along with the secret of playing dumb head, dumb butt is also one of the commonly applied solutions when playing lottery. The appearance of the dumb end is also a good sign to predict a nice number of jackpots to raise the lottery.

When the mute tail appears, you can pair it with the previous mute end. Based on the lottery results table to catch the double numbers or numbers that come continuously.

Players can also see special prize signs to choose from in combination with previous plays with the following pairs of numbers:

  • The silent 0 ending is a sign for you to raise the numbers 10, 70 for the next period.
  • Signs that today’s ass 1 mute can put down money for the pair of lots 21, 51.
  • If today you see the ending 2 is mute, then immediately pocket the pair of numbers 32 and 92.
  • Today the 3 tail is mute, remember to choose the lucky pair of numbers 63 and 73 for the next day.
  • The mute 4 tail today is a good sign that you will play lotteries 54 or 84 tomorrow.
  • The last 5 is silent today, don’t ignore the pair of numbers 35, 95.
  • Realizing that today the tail 6 is mute, the next day you immediately bet on numbers 26, 76.
  • With the silent ending 7, 37, 87 will bring great fortune
  • If the number 8 is silent today, the next day you bet on numbers 48 or 98.
  • If the ending 9 is silent, the next day you bet on numbers 39, 89.

Silver remembers the lottery according to the day of the week

Another secret that is also very popular with players and successfully applied in playing lottery is to remember the money according to the day of the week.

What lottery players need to do is analyze the lottery results table to know which numbers often appear. The numbers usually appear on what day and day of the week.

Our gambling experts have researched and come up with ways to gamble to remember which days of the week often appear according to the rules of numbers as follows:

  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, lot 33 often explodes
  • On Thursday of the week, lot 56 is the most popular
  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you should raise lot 66.
  • Sundays and Saturdays often explode with lottery numbers
  • Lot 97 usually arrives on Thursday and Saturday.
  • Appears every Thursday and Sunday, usually with a regular lot of 39

Silver remembers the lottery according to the last 2 numbers for the special prize

Lottery players can calculate today’s lottery numbers based on the special lottery numbers. Sets of lottery numbers are also studied and will appear together according to a certain rule for special prizes. Detail:

  • Yesterday the total special prize was 1, today it was a pair of 4-9.
  • Yesterday it was 2, today the total is 8 or 5
  • If the total special prize is 3, then raise a 3 or 8 today
  • Note that today’s total is 4, next day remember to play 4 or 7
  • When today’s total is 5 in the jackpot, raise the total by 1 or 6 today
  • And if today’s total is 6, then today there is a high chance that the total will be 5 or 1 will explode
  • Today a total of 7 appeared in the special prize, today you should bet in pairs of 3-5
  • The total of the special prizes is 8, remember to pocket 2 pairs with a total of 0 or 9
  • If today’s sum is 9, pay immediately for the sum of 5 or 1
  • With a total of 10 today, the possibility of 0 or 7 tomorrow is very high.

Silver remembers the daily lottery by catching falling lottery numbers

If you remember the lottery, you should also try to catch falling numbers. The numbers that appear are often combined as follows:

  • Today’s lot number is 00. The next day, there is a very high possibility of the number 01 – 10 coming back.
  • Lot 02 appeared today, remember to raise numbers 12-21 tomorrow.
  • Today there is an 11, tomorrow there is a possibility of a pair of lot 01.
  • In case the number 17 appears today, you need to pay attention to the number 27 – 72 tomorrow.
  • If lot 22 is released today, lot 00 will be raised the next day.
  • Today, lot 45 is released, then the next day, raise another pair 59 – 95 or 09.
  • If lot 58 comes out today, you should bet on 63 the next day.
  • The lottery number 68 today has a high probability that it will return 86 tomorrow.
  • If you go to lot 51 today, you can make money the next day if you go to lot 15.
  • If you see lot 75 today, the odds of winning 57 tomorrow are very high.
  • If you win 99 today, you should bet on lot 22 the next day


Lottery prediction is extremely useful. Right now, learn the Thabet.co lottery prediction method that we share above to gain more knowledge and experience in playing lottery like true experts. I firmly believe that luck will always smile at you.

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