How to play Keno lottery online

Keno is an extremely popular type of Vietlott lottery today. However, because the drawing time between each period is so short, lottery players often have to make quick decisions. To help you play Keno lottery most effectively, New 88 will introduce to you guys How to play Keno lottery online The simplest in this article.

Introduction to online Keno lottery

Along with other famous names at Vietlott such as Mega 6/45, Power 6/55, Keno is also a popular lottery at the present time. As an electronic lottery with prizes drawn continuously (10 minutes in each drawing period), Keno brings more chances of winning to players.

To buy Keno lottery, you can go to local Vietlott lottery counters or use the online method, buy Keno lottery at Vietlott lottery buying websites or apps.

Current ticket price of Keno lottery: 10,000 VND/ticket. However, players can choose to buy a set of tickets for 20,000 VND, 50,000 VND or 100,000 VND.

How to play Keno lottery online

To be able to get rich from buying Keno lottery, you must clearly understand how to play Keno lottery online. Actually, this is a fairly simple type of lottery, you just need to read it to understand it all.

In each Vietlott period, the company will draw 20 numbers. Depending on the number of numbers you choose and the company’s drawing results, the more numbers that match, the higher the bonus value will be.

For example: You choose 8 different numbers for yourself, after drawing, you check the results and get 7 numbers. At this time, your bonus will be 5 million. This bonus will be looked up according to the prize structure table provided by Vietlott company itself.

Additional ways to play Keno lottery online

With the additional way of playing Keno lottery, you only need to choose 1 of 4 options: Even, odd, big, small. However, now, in addition to the four options of buying big – small – even – odd as before, players can also choose new ways to play such as:

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Over/under Keno betting:

This is a method chosen by many people. When participating in this game, you will speculate whether the total score of the 20 drawn numbers is smaller or larger than 810. If your prediction is smaller, bet on the under and vice versa, if you predict larger. then bet according to the OVER door. When the lottery results are available, if the player chooses the correct door, the player will receive a bonus equal to 1.95 of the bet amount.

Odd and even Keno odds:

There are also calculation methods such as over/under odds. However, in this case, when there are a total of 20 numbers drawn, the player will care whether the total number is even or odd. If the choice is even and the result is exactly even, the player wins, similar to betting on odd numbers. In this odd-even Keno bet, the player’s bet is equal to 1.95 times the bet.

Cross-door Keno odds:

This is a way to play online Keno lottery that combines both odd-even and over/under bets. Although this way of playing is more difficult to win than the other two bets, the reward will be much greater. There will be 4 cases:

  • Odds: The total of 20 drawn numbers is greater than 810 and is an odd number.
  • Even number: The total of 20 drawn numbers is greater than 810 and is an even number.
  • Even under: The total of 20 drawn numbers is less than 810 and is an even number.
  • Small odd: The total of 20 drawn numbers is less than 810 and is an odd number.


How to play online Keno lottery in detail  New88 sent to you in the above article. Keno is a lottery that is very easy to play and easy to win, explore and experience this game for yourself right here. New88.

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