Betting on sports using the “overclocking” strategy

Beaters regularly use the “overclocking” strategy in https://parimatch.in/en/page/tamil-nadu-premier-league (another name for the “rolling” system). The tactic is perfect for players with a small starting capital. Bankroll can be increased quite quickly using the “overclocking” system.

Principles of strategy

Betting on sports using the “overclocking” strategy is a constant increase in the size of the wagered amount, subject to the successful completion of the previous bet. When half of the cycles on this strategy turn out to be winning, the player gets a good profit.

Foremost, events are selected, the result is predicted. Give preference to matches with a clear favorite. The coefficients on them are not high, but will it be possible to fulfill the condition of the system – to win at the first bet. Next, the size of the amount that you will put on the outfit of the event is determined. After that, we have to wait for the result of the match.

An example of tactics

Consider an example of the “overclocking” tactic:

  • The bettor chose a sports event with odds of 1.3;
  • the defined goal is to achieve, using the “acceleration” strategy, an increase in the final rate that is widowed compared to the initial one;
  • bet on the favorite $10;
  • the bet is won, Better received $13, where $3 is net profit;
  • the next event with low coefficients is selected (it allows minimizing risks), bet already $13 (10 + 3);
  • the game was successful again, the player makes bets according to a similar scheme several more times, already by 3-4 the Bettor will reach the goal if the predictions are successful.

Shortcomings of tactics

The “overclocking” tactic has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that high goals are more difficult to achieve. If only 2-4 steps are taken before completing the task, success is high. When, for example, the Better wants to increase the initial bet by 5 times, it will be necessary to make 8-10 bets at the minimum coefficients. Then it will be possible to achieve the goal. 

However, there is a high probability that 1-2 bets will be unsuccessful. And having lost once, the Better loses all the money won (according to the system, the entire amount received, calculated for a successful bet, is bet every time). Therefore, you need to set small goals that involve several steps. An alternative option is to choose events with increased coefficients (above 2.0). But first, a thorough analysis of the upcoming event should be conducted.

“Overclocking” is a good system for sports betting. Approaching the use of tactics thoroughly, deliberately reducing the risk of loss, it will be possible to receive good dividends from its use.

Advantages and disadvantages of live sports betting

Real-time betting means quick settlements and withdrawals. If pre-matches are calculated only after the announcement of the results, in live it happens during the game. You can also watch broadcasts of your favorite sports events.

Another important advantage of “live” bets is the ability to make more accurate bets compared to pre-match predictions. You watch the game, you can change the coefficients, orient yourself to the course of events. You need to assess the real chances of competitors at a specific moment.

The final result depends on a number of both objective and subjective factors: up to the weather conditions and the emotional state and mood of the players. Live bets make it possible to track, analyze and take into account all this before creating a bet. The influential point is that you need to be able to correctly compare all factors and make an important decision. In addition to fortune, you need to have experience.

If you bet on the rematch, you need to focus on the forecasts of analysts and experts. But no one can guarantee that their predictions will be accurate. Modern bookmakers are constantly trying to expand the possibilities of live betting. In addition to accepting bets, they broadcast sports events.

During the match, they create interesting infographics, display game statistics, tournament tables, etc. All this certainly captures the player’s attention and makes the process of waiting for the result more intriguing and exciting.

In addition to the advantages, there are also unpredictable moments that can be classified as disadvantages. The main feature of this format is considered to be the need to make quick decisions. It is for this reason that live formats are considered a more professional direction. If you are new to betting, there are chances that you will make a mistake and end up with no money on your deposit.

The downsides of betting on the live line include the trickery of bookmakers. Many companies specifically broadcast the game live with a delay and create an artificial “time-out” between the already completed action and the opportunity to place a bet.

In this way, bookmakers will know the result a few seconds earlier, for example, about a scored ball, than the person who placed a bet on this goal. Knowing the result 5-10 seconds earlier, companies may not take some predictions on the result.

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