Frenkie De Jong said bitter words that made Man Utd “painful” making Vn88 fans curious

Frenkie De Jong has broken his silence on a move to Man Utd this past summer. In particular, the Dutch player confirmed to that he never intended to move to Old Trafford.

In the summer transfer window of 2022, Man Utd has found ways to pursue Frenkie De Jong. The Red Devils are willing to spend 65 million pounds to recruit the Dutch star. Barcelona accepted this price. In the end, though, De Jong refused to negotiate.

The reason is that Barcelona still owes this player 18 million euros (£15.73 million) in salary. Therefore, De Jong insisted on staying to collect the debt. The Catalan club did not accept this payment, causing the deal to come to a dead end.

Yesterday, De Jong spoke about the possibility of moving to Man Utd. In particular, this player confirmed to fans at Vn88 that he never intended to play at Old Trafford, but just wanted to stay in Barcelona.

The Dutch midfielder said: “I received interest from Man Utd and Chelsea? As early as May, I decided to stay in Barcelona. I never changed this decision during the summer.”

De Jong also confirmed that there were conflicts with Barcelona but everything was resolved satisfactorily. The player added: “Barcelona has their opinion and I have my own. Sometimes the two sides have conflicts but in the end, everything is fine. I cannot give the details on this matter”.

The star born in 1997 also emphasized to Vn88 that he has never regretted staying in Barcelona. He said: “People say that I made a bad decision and was just a toy at the club. A lot of things happened but I made a decision from the beginning.

I have played 8 matches for Barcelona this season, including 4 starting matches. I came on from the bench against Bayern Munich. Obviously, I always wanted to be on the pitch from the start. Therefore, I have to fight to regain the starting position.”

In the summer, Man Utd signed two midfielders, Christian Eriksen (free) and Casemiro (£60m). In it, Eriksen has proven an important role with a dazzling performance in recent times. The Danish midfielder is active and coordinated very well in the midfield. He is the bright spot to help Man Utd have a series of 4 consecutive victories in the Premier League.

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