Easy Ikura Japanese style recipes’

Ikura and red caviar lovers are everywhere in the world. Many people enjoy the taste of Ikura and Solman eggs. Its soft-shelled texture in the mouth makes you crave more for it. many people miss the sweat and salty combination of Ikura.

It is mostly served with the Sushi rolls but it’s totally up to your tastebuds. You can pair Ikura with any other Japanese dish or serve it as an appetizer with the crackers. Ikura or Solman eggs are also known as red caviar.

It’s just because of its orange and reddish hue. In Japan, it is one of the most famous dishes besides this now several people love Ikura paired with their wine or vodka. But besides being popular still many people hesitate to try it because of its glossy texture.

If you are the one who wants to try it for the first time after listing lots of admiration of its taste from others then in this article, I have penned down some of the tastier and easier Ikura recipes that you can easily cook by yourself and enjoy the taste of the Ikura.

So, I guess it’s waste of time to delay more let me mention to you a quick Ikura Japanese-style recipe.

Hearty Ikura-don recipe 

If you are looking for a quick easy peasy Ikura dish then I must say you should try this. At first, for one serving you can take 10 oz. shoyu Ikura but first don’t forget to marinate in soy sauce then take one bowl of freshly cooked rice, wasabi also known as Japanese horseradish, and take Yakinori-roasted seaweed.

Just simply take a bowl now fill it with the rice then top the rice bowl with the shoyu Ikura and serve it with yakinori and wasabi. Adding the last two ingredients to your choice is recommended to enhance the taste.

Daikon Salad 

If you are a fitness and health freak then this is for you; first, you have to take 5 oz. daikon, 1 oz. carrot, 3 sashimi-grade scallops, 1 oz. shoyu Ikura, Pinch of white sesame seeds, also add Oil-free salad dressing just to enhance the taste.

It’s for one serving so, you have to slice each scallop into 4 to 5 slices evenly in a horizontal shape. Then julienne cut the carrots and daikon and add scallop slices. At last, take a bowl place the salad mixture in the bowl or plate now mixes it, and place Ikura on the top of the plate or bowl. Sprinkle some sesame seeds and any oil-free dressing of your choice.

Cucumber and Ikura 

If you want to set a delightful appetizer by pairing it with the Ikura then this recipe will be going to be your favorite because in this you don’t need many ingredients. You only need a small amount of Ikura dipped in soya sauce and cucumber.

Now just cut the cucumber into two half pieces and put Ikura on the top of the cucumber ,and tada! It’s ready to eat.

Final thoughts  

I hope you will surely try the recipes and also, enjoy the taste of Ikura.

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