Complete Your Bodysuit Attire with These Styling Tips

Fashion comes in and out of trends periodically and has brought innovative styles and creations. Moreover, a few classic and time-tested options remain and experience resurgence.

Jules Leotard invented the bodysuit in the late 1800s and became popular during the 1980s and 90s. As the suit is making a comeback today, here are some styling tips you can use with them:

For the Classic, Casual Look

Bodysuit are flexible and versatile one-piece tight-fitting clothes. These leotard and swimsuit hybrids come in various lengths and styles and can also be made from different materials.

Stretchy fabrics like stripes or knitted with ribs go well with casual outfits. These curve-flattering clothes complete your everyday look as you pair them with denim shorts or jeans.

Distressed jeans and comfortable jogger pants also go well with the said top. Finally, you’ll be ready to hang out with your friends after putting on a low-heeled pair of shoes or sneakers.

For Using It as It Is

A bodysuit can also be designed as lingerie. Some refer to it as a “teddy” and can be worn below scoop-necked or low-cut tops. You can throw in a pair of black high-waisted jeans and complete your look with high-heeled shoes.

You may also wear a sweater or a simple jacket made with leather or light jean on top of your outfit. This add-on is perfect for accentuating your top or keeping you warm on a chilly night.

On the other hand, you can wear them as they are for your date night or a boudoir shoot. This way, the lace, neckline, and back details are highlighted in this instance.

For Lounging and the Summer

On your day off or vacation, you want to relax and not stress about the outfit you’ll wear. You can easily pair your bodysuits with your favourite leggings or joggers for that carefree vibe. You may also wear an oversized pull-up or sweater on top for a more laid-back feel or when it gets quite chilly up in the mountains. On the other hand, you have to make sure that you are r and comfortable in the summertime.

For example, you can pair a halter or high-necked suit with shorts for the ultimate cooldown look.  Alternatively, you may choose spaghetti or one-shoulder strapped bodysuits to pair with chilled-out joggers or gingham trousers.

For the Professional Look

Most individuals choose to invest in bodysuits as their body-hugging nature and ability to stay in place is superior. Thanks to the velcros, hooks, and snaps in the crotch area.

You avoid having to annoyingly tuck and retuck your shirt every five seconds because these clothes are perfect for most errands and work. You can pair button-down bodysuits with skirts or slacks for the work-appropriate get-up. A jacket or blazer on top will also complete your professional look.

Form-fitting bodysuits are perfect to be worn with some jewellery and your trusted pair of heels to ace that project proposal meeting. Furthermore, there are sexy, business-style bodysuits in the market today.

These suits have professional necklines that you won’t suspect intriguing and sultry details in the back. A thick jacket or blazer can easily conceal this, and you can take them off to go to a party or out on a date after work.

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