Take Care of Your Pair of Adidas Yeezys with These Tips

Commodities’ prices go up and down throughout time and according to consumers’ demand. Sneakers are no exemption from that. Besides the said two factors, the brand and name of the designer also influence an athletic shoes’ worth.

Adidas Yeezy shoes are popular and highly demanded by sneaker enthusiasts today. The brand has continually grown bigger since Kanye West was granted full creative control and released his first sneaker model in 2015. As more varieties are on the horizon, here are some tips on the previous releases and how you can take good care of each one of them:

The Yeezy 350s

●       The Fit:

These 350s are among the most sought pair of Yeezys. Some would even say that they are the most recognizable ones in form. These sneakers have become a classic as the demand for consumers worldwide is still evident.

Furthermore, most experts would agree that the running shoes’ fit tends to be smaller. They say that your biggest toe will feel and visibly push against the toe box. Thus, going a half size bigger than in your regular sneakers will prevent this and allows space for your foot to move comfortably around.

●       The Cleaning Procedure:

The Adidas Yeezy 350 is made from Primeknit or monofilament mesh that is much easier to clean. You can easily wipe the pair down with some soap and cloth. Doing this after every use or wear will help preserve its cleanliness and prevent the need for deep cleaning.

Nevertheless, a deep clean will need a soft-bristled brush dipped into water mixed with soap. You must not forget to support the shoe by placing your other hand inside and softly scrubbing the surface with the other. It would be best to dry your sneakers somewhere cool and away from heat or direct sunlight to prevent damage.

The Yeezy 500s

●       The Fit:

The 500s are eye-catchers because of their thick chunky soles and design. The same attributes contribute to the sneakers’ comfortability and breathability. Although these shoes let you walk and stand for prolonged periods, a few sneakerheads complain of their lack of colourways and options.

Nevertheless, these ‘dad’ sneakers have wide toe boxes than the 350s. Although firmer in context, it can easily accommodate bigger or wider toes or shoe fronts. Going half size up if your feet can’t fit true to your usual size is advisable and generates some wiggle room.

●       The Cleaning Method:

The Yeezy 500s require more attention and care in cleaning than other varieties. They are righteously so because their uppers are intricately made from lycra, leather, and cow suede. Although they are already mixed-material in the shoes, you should clean each component separately.

The suede material needs to be brushed twice with the need to rub scuffs using an eraser in between. Meanwhile, both the premium leather and lycra require wiping the sneakers dipped in lukewarm water added with some detergent or dish soap. You also need to wipe the surface with a towel before letting them dry to air.

Important to Avoid

It is essential to clean your Yeezys with your hands as much as possible. They are too expensive and too hard to get machine washed and tumble dried. Furthermore, a large amount of water from the washer alone may deform your sneakers and split the soles.

Additionally, it is best to avoid bleach or any harsh cleaning liquid to preserve colour. These products can stain your shoes and produce cracks in the soles. The unfortunate results, if applied, are more visible once the sneakers have dried.

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