Why Do Singapore Students Excel in English?

Singapore’s education system is world-renowned for its strict discipline and high academic standards. Students in Singapore have to contend with long hours of tuition and study, as well as competitive exams. So how do they manage to excel in English, a language that is not their mother tongue? Here are some possible explanations.

Students Are Encouraged to Read From a Young Age

O level English is a compulsory exam for all students in Singapore and this creates an environment that encourages reading from a young age. Reading gives students of all ages the ability to comprehend complex sentence structures and absorb vocabulary, skills that are key to passing with high marks.

For this, students are encouraged to read from a very young age as this will help them to learn new words and have a strong command over the language. This strong foundation prepares Singaporean students for higher education, college admissions tests like IELTS and TOEFL, and standing out amongst peers in any field requiring mastery of the English language.

Students Are Encouraged to Read From a Young Age

Singaporean students are renowned for their excellence in the English language, and this is due largely to the emphasis placed on proper grammar and usage. At school, they are taught that correct language structure and choice of words is central to effectively conveying ideas.

As a result, Singaporean students take pride in knowing how to write accurately, and often strive to use exceptionally articulate language when writing essays or taking exams. This attention to detail means that Singaporeans as a whole have a higher level of proficiency in English than many other countries around the world.

Writing Skills Are Also Emphasized in the Curriculum

English classes are designed to strengthen students’ writing skills, enabling them to convey their thoughts and ideas more effectively. Through continued practice and guidance from teachers and peers, students can hone their writing skills — from crafting sentences and paragraphs, to developing persuasive arguments and exploring a range of literary forms.

Secondary school english also explores ways to help foster creativity in writing, preparing young people with the confidence needed to use language as a tool for expression and critical thinking. Teachers continuously review how student performance in written assignments could be improved, providing helpful feedback on how pupils can boost their proficiency in capturing the nuances of language with greater ease.

Writing is essential for the learning process that occurs throughout secondary school education, encouraging students to become more confident young writers.

Speaking Fluency Is Developed Through Practice and Exposure

Achieving fluency in any language can be an incredibly rewarding endeavor, especially since knowing multiple languages opens up many professional and personal opportunities. Although it certainly takes motivation and dedication, speaking fluency is attainable through consistent practice and ample exposure to the language being studied.

A Levels GP offers several options for those who wish to take their interpersonal communication skills to the next level; by signing up for one of the learning programs, individuals can develop their speaking abilities all while sharpening their listening comprehension.

Various plans are tailored to fit various needs and preferences, meaning that learning a new language could be much easier than originally thought. With A Levels GP, learning a foreign language can become an enjoyable—as well as successful—endeavor.


To conclude, it is no wonder that Singapore students excel in English. Through the encouragement of early learning, reinforcement of proper grammar and usage, an emphasis on writing skills, as well as the opportunity to practice speaking fluency through exposure, Singaporean students are set up to become proficient in this important language skill.

Essentially, by setting a high standard for its own education system and giving young learners what they need to succeed in terms of resources and support, Singapore has managed to create a foundation from which its students can thrive both domestically and internationally. As other countries look for ways to improve language proficiency for their own population, it is worth looking at what Singapore has achieved as a model example.


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