What to Consider Before Buying shoes?

 Any outfit is incomplete without the perfect pair of shoes- and buying shoes can be so much fun- as long as you know which type of shoes you are looking for. However, it cannot be easy to find the right shoes, especially online. Therefore, you should consider some things before buying shoes to have a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly. For example, some shoes fit you perfectly but don’t match your outfit. Also, sometimes when shopping online, it could be possible that the pair of shoes don’t fit you. 

Here are some things you should consider before buying shoes to ensure that you have a perfect pair of shoes:

  • Comfort Over Looks

Never buy shoes based on their looks. If you like the look of those particular shoes, make sure that it fits you perfectly and is comfortable. Many people tend to try on shoes, take a few steps and buy them instantly. This is a mistake. Shoes must be tried on properly-take your time, make sure they fit you perfectly. Rather than falling in love with the looks of the shoes, you should concentrate on whether they are comfortable or not. 

  • Look for the right size and fit. 

Just like dresses and jeans size varies with brand, our shoe size varies from brand to brand. Therefore, just because you are usually a 6 in shoe size, it does not mean that you will go to any store and pick up six size of any sandal or shoe you want to buy. It might sound like we are stating the obvious, but you must try each shoe to buy properly. Make sure that it is the right size for you and fits you perfectly. 

  • When Shopping Shoes Online

Buying shoes online might save you some money, but it is very risky as you will buy a pair of shoes without trying them properly. Moreover, it might lead to buying shoes that are too large or too small for your feet. Therefore, consider the following points while buying online:

  • First and foremost, check the return policy of the particular item. If you can’t return the particular shoes, think twice before buying.
  • Check the size guide of the shoes as size varies from brand to brand.
  • Try on shoes once you receive the parcel and make sure that it fits you perfectly if it doesn’t, return them immediately as online stores have limited return time. 
  • Check whether the website has secured payment options.
  • Look for the reviews of customers on the website. Check what they say about their experience and material, quality, and fit of the particular shoes. For instance, read vessi shoes review and know what customers experience with their shoes before buying them. 
  • Shop at the Right time

It is advisable to buy shoes in the evenings rather than mornings. As in the morning, the three-inch stilettos might look and feel comfortable, but by the evening, your feet might get swollen and tired. Therefore, whenever you go shoe shopping, go at the end of the day. Then, you can buy shoes that are comfortable and look perfect. 

  • Take your time

While buying shoes, you should also check the inseams of shoes that might be uncomfortable, as many shoe manufacturers tend to avoid lining their shoes to reduce costs. Therefore, take your time when buying shoes. Make sure that it has proper inseams that are comfortable for your feet. Also, make sure that it is of perfect size -neither too small nor too large. 

  • Keep your expectations high.

Shoes must be made of soft leather, providing your feet a good room in all dimensions: height, length, and width. If the shoes start to rub, it is not the perfect pair of shoes for you. Do not for the same old classic lines- they will widen with time or wear in. A pair of shoes must fit you perfectly straightway, or you should not buy them. 

While buying shoes, don’t just go for the looks; go for the comfort of the shoes. They might look perfect, they might be on sale, or your feet might look great on those pairs of shoes. Do not buy them until and unless they are comfortable and fit you perfectly. Take care of your feet. 

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