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Unlocking High-Resolution 3D Sensing with Vzense DS77C ToF+RGB Camera

Step into the realm of advanced depth sensing technology with Vzense as they unveil their latest innovation, the DS77C ToF+RGB camera. This cutting-edge device is engineered to provide unparalleled high-resolution 3D sensing capabilities. With its exceptional millimeter accuracy and a suite of advanced features, the Vzense DS77C camera establishes a new benchmark for depth sensing applications. Join them as we delve into the key features and benefits of the Vzense DS77C camera, shining a spotlight on its remarkable high-resolution 3D sensing capabilities that push the boundaries of what is possible in depth sensing technology.

Unparalleled Depth Accuracy with Vzense DS77C

The Vzense DS77C ToF+RGB camera incorporates Sony DepthSense technology, enabling millimeter-level accuracy in depth measurements. This level of precision is essential for applications that require highly accurate 3D sensing, such as robotics, augmented reality, and 3D scanning.

High-Resolution RGB Imaging for Enhanced Detail

The DS77C camera features a 2MP global shutter RGB sensor, providing high-resolution color imagery alongside precise depth sensing. This combination allows for detailed texture mapping and accurate object recognition, delivering a comprehensive 3D sensing experience.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

With VGA resolution and a maximum frame rate of 25fps, the DS77C camera ensures smooth and detailed depth and RGB image capture. Its Light Change Adaptability feature allows the camera to adapt to varying lighting conditions, ensuring reliable and consistent performance in dynamic environments.


The Vzense DS77C ToF+RGB camera empowers businesses to unlock high-resolution 3D sensing capabilities. With its millimeter accuracy, advanced RGB imaging, and adaptive features, the DS77C camera revolutionizes depth sensing applications across industries. From robotics and augmented reality to 3D scanning, the DS77C camera provides reliable and detailed 3D sensing, enabling businesses to drive innovation and achieve new levels of accuracy.

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