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Unlocking Excellence: Winner Medical’s Absorbent Wound Dressing Unveiled

Winner Medical introduces a groundbreaking absorbent wound dressing meticulously crafted with a 5-layer construction. This innovative design operates in a precise sequence, synergizing to deliver optimal performance and maximize the exudate absorbing capacity. Each layer serves a distinct purpose, contributing to a holistic wound care solution.

Hydrophilic PE/PET Wound Contact Layer

At the forefront of Winner Medical’s absorbent wound dressing is the hydrophilic PE/PET wound contact layer. Engineered to be non-sticking to the skin, this layer ensures a gentle and pain-free dressing change experience. The hydrophilic nature enhances fluid absorption, initiating the sequence that sets the stage for effective wound care.

Distribution Layer: Hydrophilic PP

The second layer in this innovative dressing is the hydrophilic PP distribution layer. This crucial component works as a distribution hub, efficiently channeling absorbed exudate away from the wound. By evenly spreading the liquid across the dressing, it optimizes the utilization of the dressing’s absorbing capacity, enhancing its overall effectiveness.

Maximizing Absorption: SAP Polymer in the Central Absorbent Core

The heart of Winner Medical’s absorbent wound dressing lies in its central absorbent core, housing SAP polymer. This core is the powerhouse that absorbs and retains the liquid exudate, preventing it from causing maceration. The inclusion of SAP polymer ensures a high level of absorbency, making this dressing ideal for wounds with varying levels of exudation.

SMS Nonwoven Backing Layer: Repelling Liquid Under Compression

The final layer, the SMS nonwoven backing layer, serves as the ultimate defense against liquid infiltration, even under compression. This layer’s fluid-repellent properties not only bolster the durability of the dressing but also make it a reliable choice for situations where external pressure is applied. This feature ensures that the dressing maintains its integrity, providing continuous protection to the wound.


Winner Medical’s absorbent wound dressing is a testament to innovation and precision in wound care. The 5-layer construction sets it apart, offering a comprehensive solution for optimal performance. From the skin-friendly wound contact layer to the SAP polymer-infused core and the liquid-repellent backing, every layer plays a crucial role in elevating the standard of absorbent wound dressings. Choose Winner Medical for a dressing that doesn’t just meet expectations but exceeds them, delivering excellence in every layer.

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