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Unleash the Brilliance: Light Sky’s Super Scope Max – Professional Show Lighting Redefined

Light Sky‘s Super Scope Max takes the spotlight as a cutting-edge LED moving headlight, revolutionizing the world of LED moving head professional show lighting. With its powerful 1200W LED light source, advanced optical system, and comprehensive functionality, the Super Scope Max delivers unparalleled brightness, versatility, and immersive experiences.

Powerful Light Source

At the heart of the LED moving head professional show lighting-Super Scope Max lies its 1200W LED light source, delivering exceptional brightness, long lifespan, and energy-efficient illumination. With low heat radiation and green environmental credentials, this LED profile spotlight ensures a visually stunning stage while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Advanced Optical System

Light Sky’s Super Scope Max boasts an advanced optical system, incorporating high-efficiency lenses that maximize brightness and beam penetration. With 8x optical zoom capabilities, this moving headlight provides excellent light source utilization, uniformity, and precise control over the projection range, allowing you to create captivating lighting effects that captivate audiences.

Comprehensive Functionality

The Super Scope Max combines multiple lighting functions into one versatile unit, offering beam, spot and wash profiles. With this all-in-one solution, lighting professionals have the freedom to explore a wide range of lighting techniques and effects, unleashing their creativity and bringing their vision to life.

Excellent Color Mixing

Featuring CMY linear color mixing, the Super Scope Max enables seamless blending of colors, from pure red to bright green and deep blue. The linear CTO control expands the color mixing possibilities, allowing precise control over the color temperature of white light, ranging from 6500K to 3000K. This exceptional color mixing capability opens up a world of possibilities for creating captivating and immersive lighting designs.

Display Panel

The Super Scope Max features a user-friendly 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen display panel. With excellent pressing sensitivity, this intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and control, empowering lighting professionals to make precise adjustments to achieve their desired lighting effects.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max stands as a game-changer in the realm of professional show lighting, offering a powerhouse of features and capabilities. With its powerful LED light source, advanced optical system, comprehensive functionality, and innovative design, the Super Scope Max unleashes the brilliance of stage illumination. Embrace the extraordinary possibilities of Light Sky’s Super Scope Max and elevate your show lighting to new dimensions of creativity, impact, and unforgettable performances.

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