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Understanding Bluetooth Positioning: Exploring the Unique Feature of Bluetooth AoA Technology

Bluetooth positioning has revolutionized indoor location tracking, offering precise and reliable solutions for various industries. Blueiot, a leading provider of Bluetooth AoA indoor positioning systems, utilizes advanced Bluetooth technology to deliver high-accuracy positioning capabilities. In this article, we will introduce Bluetooth positioning and highlight a key feature of Bluetooth AoA Technology.

1. Bluetooth AoA Technology:

Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) is a cutting-edge algorithm that leverages the power of Bluetooth technology. By calculating the heading angle and pitch angle of a tag, an AoA anchor obtains a unique ray and, based on the tag’s height, calculates the precise spatial absolute coordinates. This enables accurate positioning within a single anchor area.

2. Unique Feature: Single Area Two-Dimensional Locating:

A remarkable feature of Bluetooth AoA Technology is its ability to achieve single area two-dimensional locating. By calculating the heading and pitch angles of a tag, an AoA anchor can determine its unique ray and derive the tag’s spatial coordinates within a specific area. This allows for accurate positioning without the need for multiple anchors, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.


Bluetooth AoA Technology, offered by Blueiot, showcases its unique feature of single area two-dimensional locating. With this advanced technology, businesses can benefit from accurate and reliable indoor positioning within a specific area, eliminating the need for multiple anchors.

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