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Transforming Perception Capabilities with Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 3D LiDAR Technology

Benewake‘s AD2-S-X3 represents a significant advancement in 3D lidar technology, setting new standards for performance in various applications requiring detailed environmental perception. This high-performance 3D 256 Lines LiDAR system offers exceptional features such as ultra-high point cloud lines, long-range detection capabilities, and continuous operation, making it an ideal choice for sectors needing precise and reliable monitoring without the constraints of external lighting conditions.

Superior Detection and Safety Features

The AD2-S-X3 by Benewake elevates safety to new heights with its capability to detect targets up to 350 meters away. This extended range, combined with advanced perception algorithms, significantly reduces the rate of false detections and missed detections. Such capabilities are crucial in environments where safety and precision are paramount, ensuring that both stationary and moving objects are detected accurately and reliably.

Enhanced Resolution and Field of View

With its high-resolution imaging and wide Field of View (FoV), Benewake’s AD2-S-X3 3D lidar technology captures richer scene details, crucial for complex perception tasks. The custom Region of Interest (ROI) feature allows users to adjust the detection area dynamically, improving the accuracy and relevance of the data captured. This adaptability makes the AD2-S-X3 highly effective in a variety of settings, from industrial monitoring to security applications.

Reliability in Diverse Operational Conditions

One of the standout features of the AD2-S-X3 is its ability to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, unaffected by external lighting conditions. This makes it exceptionally reliable for continuous monitoring in areas where consistent performance is needed regardless of day or night. The robust design ensures that operations can persist under various environmental conditions, offering consistent and dependable performance.


The AD2-S-X3 3D lidar technology from Benewake is more than just a product; it is a pivotal development in the field of advanced detection systems. Its comprehensive features not only ensure superior performance and safety but also enhance the operational capabilities of organizations that depend on precise and reliable monitoring. As 3D lidar technology continues to evolve, Benewake remains at the forefront, driving innovation and delivering solutions that meet the complex demands of today’s industries.

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