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Tianlong’s Advanced Solutions in Viral RNA Extraction: Elevating Diagnostic Precision

In the ever-evolving field of molecular diagnostics, the ability to quickly and accurately extract viral RNA is vital. Tianlong, a leader in nucleic acid testing technologies, offers a groundbreaking solution with its viral RNA extraction kit, designed to enhance diagnostic capabilities across various medical and research settings.

Innovative Extraction Technology

Tianlong‘s viral RNA extraction kit sets a new standard for efficiency and reliability in nucleic acid extraction. With a robust design tailored for a range of biological samples—from whole blood and plasma to urine and swabs—this kit ensures comprehensive viral RNA capture. The technology behind this kit emphasizes safety and convenience, eliminating the need for hazardous organic reagents and minimizing the risk of contamination, which is pivotal during large-scale epidemic outbreaks such as COVID-19.

Broad Application Spectrum

The versatility of the Tianlong viral RNA extraction kit is evident in its wide range of applications. Beyond clinical diagnostics, the kit plays a pivotal role in genomics research, disease detection, food safety, and forensic identification. This flexibility is supported by the kit’s high-throughput capability, which allows for the simultaneous processing of multiple samples, thereby accelerating the workflow in laboratories and enhancing the throughput of critical diagnostics.

Ease of Use and High Sensitivity

Tianlong has designed its viral RNA extraction kit with user convenience in mind. The pre-filled reagent cartridges facilitate an easy-to-operate process that can be quickly adopted by laboratory personnel without extensive training. Additionally, the kit’s advanced formulation ensures that the extracted nucleic acids are of the highest purity, leading to more accurate and sensitive detection outcomes, vital for early disease detection and control.


Tianlong’s commitment to innovation is clearly reflected in its viral RNA extraction kit, which provides not only superior performance but also safety and ease of use. As the demand for effective diagnostic solutions continues to grow, Tianlong remains at the forefront, empowering laboratories worldwide to achieve faster, more accurate results that can significantly impact public health.

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