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The Rise of Ultra-Portable Mobility with QMY’s Model A

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions are essential for optimizing productivity and reducing operational costs. QMY, a leading provider of lightweight scooter for adults, offers a range of innovative products designed to meet the specific needs of the potential sector. As more environmentally-conscious urban professionals embrace micro-mobility, QMY has accelerated the trend with their lightweight Model A electric scooter. Expertly designed for adult commuters, the Model A offers the perfect balance of convenience and functionality.


Triple Folding Versatility

Weighing just 27.6 pounds, the aluminum Model A folds down compactly in three steps for ultimate portability. Its chassis and stem fold inwards, allowing the scooter to slip into confined spaces like lockers or beneath desks with ease. Commuters appreciate how its minimized size of 37 x 18 x 46 cm fits almost anywhere.

Smooth and Swift Performance

A high-capacity battery provides up to 15 miles of emissions-free transportation per charge at the push of a button. With a maximum speed of 15 mph, riders confidently cruise on designated routes. Front suspension absorbs pavement irregularities.

Enhanced Safety and Visibility

Reflective accents and bright LED turn signals increase nighttime visibility. A sturdy rear-mounted disc brake allows for controlled one-finger stopping. An intuitive digital display presents ride data clearly.

Growing Popularity

Since its 2017 launch, QMY has doubled Model A production to keep up with escalating demand across major cities. Commuters are drawn to its marriage of ultra-compact portability and swift, hassle-free mobility.


By empowering the flexibility of on-demand micro-transport through meticulous engineering, QMY is revolutionizing the concept of short-distance urban travel worldwide. The Model A opens the door to boundless emission-free mobility options.

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