The Incredible Tale of Forest City, a Progressive Paradigm in Sustainable and Smart Construction Throughout the World

The Malaysian state of Johor is home to the master-planned town of Forest City. It’s a beautiful example of how cutting-edge technology may be combined with environmentally conscious aesthetic principles. The Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards have named Forest City the world’s best sustainable city for the seventh year running (SCAHSA). The most recent award, the 2022 Global Mode of Green and Intelligent Building, is a testament to Forest City’s dedication to creating sustainable and futuristic cityscapes.

What Sets Forest City Apart as a Holiday Spot?

Establishing a harmony between human habitation and the natural world is central to Forest City’s planning philosophy. The city’s master plan features items like green infrastructure, public transit, and energy efficiency measures. Green construction materials, solar panels, rainwater collecting systems, and geothermal energy are just some of the smart technologies incorporated into the development’s comprehensive network of these innovations.

Many other communities across the world have taken cues from Forest City’s sustainable development techniques and innovative strategies. The success of Forest City should encourage other builders to use greener methods and more cutting-edge tools.

The Contribution to Sustainable Development

The SCAHSA Global Modal of Green and Intelligent Building award won by Forest City is a prime example of the city’s dedication to sustainable development. It’s great that the city is making an effort to help people adapt to city life without sacrificing their connection to nature. The city’s health, wellbeing, and biodiversity loss have all been reduced thanks to this integration, and climate resilience has been strengthened.

The eco-friendly architecture and abundant greenery of Forest City encourage a balanced way of life. By limiting the number of cars and other sources of air pollution, the city’s transportation system prioritises pedestrians and cyclists. Cities with energy-efficient structures use less power and produce fewer greenhouse gases.


The success of Forest City is unambiguous evidence of the power of steadfast commitment to eco-friendly construction methods. Forest City has set the standard for the design of smart and sustainable communities around the world. The SCAHSA awards provide a forum to highlight the significance of sustainability in contemporary urban areas. Future city planners must prioritise sustainable development techniques and policies and incorporate them into infrastructure to accommodate the world’s ever-increasing population.

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