The Importance of Recruitment Software for Start-up Agencies

The UK labour market has come a long way since the initial toll of the pandemic, but even though more than two years have passed since the initial shutdowns, employment levels are still below pre-pandemic levels. The job market is still recovering, and there are more than 1.2 million vacancies as of July 2022. The current state of the market puts start-up recruitment agencies in a prime position: the vacancies are there, and are waiting to be filled as the UK shifts to a new normal. For any recruitment agency, especially a start-up, there are two things that will be key to success: candidate experience and recruitment software CRM to manage the whole recruitment process. For this reason, it is vital that a recruitment agency invests in the right technology and the best software that will help them to succeed.

Building Credibility

Recruitment agencies exist because at the end of the day, finding top talent in the labour market is a difficult and time-consuming process. Sites like LinkedIn or Indeed are expensive to use to place position adverts, and these platforms are open to the public, meaning that any candidate can submit a resume. Businesses using these methods to find talent are wasting valuable resources by having to sort through hundreds or thousands of resumes from unqualified candidates. If an agency has invested in the correct recruitment software, they can avoid this scenario and seek out talented candidates more efficiently. Showcasing this software will build credibility with clients, because they will see that the recruitment agency is capable and equipped to seek out talent that the client otherwise wouldn’t be able to find on their own.

Remaining Competitive

The best recruitment software will allow for an agency to remain competitive in the market. Utilizing specialized recruitment software is now standard practice in the recruitment world, and any agency that is not using up-to-date technology will quickly find themselves being outperformed by other agencies. According to Capterra, 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some form of recruitment software. Of those that use it, 94% say that software has improved their hiring process. A recruitment agency that is not yet using software to handle their candidate search will find themselves at a disadvantage in the market.

Optimizing Employee Performance

The use of recruitment software will lead to optimized employee performance by removing, reducing, or automating the tedious aspects of a recruiter’s job. In addition to increasing employee productivity, the use of software will also lower the risk of recruiter burnout, which translates to increased sales over the span of the recruiter’s career. Software that aids in identifying the best talent faster by integrating with skills assessment software will allow recruiters to maximize their time spent placing candidates in vacancies, which will both increase sales and minimize fill times. An agency with high-performing recruiters will be able to maintain excellent relationships with both the clients they serve and the candidates they place.

Improved Candidate Experience

It is not uncommon for top-performing candidates to be contacted by several different recruiting agencies simultaneously. As outlined previously, agencies utilizing the best

recruitment software will have credibility with clients, and therefore have established valuable connections with businesses in their industry. They will also have minimal fill times. If a sought-after candidate is contacted by multiple recruiters, that candidate will choose to continue with the agency that can provide them with the best experience, meaning one with a streamlined process and expedited fill times. Talented candidates have an advantage in the market, and can now reasonably expect recruiters to secure them high-value jobs in a short amount of time. A start-up recruitment agency that has invested in the proper software will be able to meet the needs and expectations of a talented candidate, and therefore provide them with an excellent experience.

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