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Revolutionizing Dental Restorations: De Corematrix and their Superior Zirconia Blocks


De Corematrix, a professional zirconia block manufacturer, has been making waves in the dental ceramics industry since 2016. With their exceptional zirconia blocks and disks, they provide perfect dental ceramics solutions, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Advanced Quality Control:

De Corematrix takes pride in its world-class closed-loop quality control system. Every stage, from zirconium powder to the final zirconia dental prosthesis, is scrutinized. This thorough method assures that their zirconia blocks satisfy the highest standards, providing dental professionals with confidence in their restorations.

Customization and Innovation:

De Corematrix specialises in creating unique and personalized goods thanks to a team with 28 years of combined expertise in production, research, and development. They provide custom-made zirconia blocks that satisfy particular consumer needs since they recognize how distinctive each dental situation is. Precision and outstanding dental restorations are guaranteed as a result of this dedication to customisation and innovation.

One of our products, De Corematrix HT blocks, are a popular zirconia dental material that is noted for its great strength, clarity, and anti-aging properties. These blocks are ideal for creating dental restorations that need zirconia with a high degree of translucency, such as zirconia dental implants and other dental restorations.


De Corematrix is revolutionizing the field of dental restorations as a leading zirconia block manufacturer. Dental professionals can elevate their restorations with De Corematrix’s superior zirconia blocks, delivering exceptional results. Experience the future of dental ceramics with De Corematrix.

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