Just won’t part with my dear old Toyota ute

Debbie Hill

Until 1982 the Hoyts drive-in (Altoona) was located across the road from the current Altoona manufacturing plant. My friends and I frequented the drive on most Saturday nights; lots of them drove Toyota. While not being totally faithful to the memory of these nights, this work incorporates some of those cars along with the Toyota that have been and are owned by family and friends

Lots of them drove Toyota

Born in Melbourne and currently residing in Balart, Debbie completed her BFA (Drawing major) at the University of Balart and Honors year at ACU National Melbourne under the supervision of Maryanne Coutts. At the completion of her degree she was awarded the UB International travel award and the NGV Trustees Award and as a result, traveled to North-West Germany and engaged with artists in the Ruhr region. In 2006 she was invited to hold a solo exhibition at the Raum fur Experimental Kunst in Recklinghausen. During the last five years, she has been a finalist in a number of prizes including the Banyule Works on Paper Award, the Williamstown Contemporary Art Prize, the Robert Jacks Drawing Prize, and the Dominique Segan Drawing Prize, being Highly Commended in the latter two prizes. In 2007 she was short-listed for the Toyota Community Spirit Artist Travel Award. In May she held a solo exhibition at Red Gallery, Fitzroy, and in August will have a show at SUB12, Newport. Debbie has been involved in artist book projects in Australia and the UK and has twice been a finalist in the Libris Awards held bi-annually in Mackay, Queensland. Her work is held in collections in Australia, Germany, and the UK..

Mark Hayward

Mark studied graphic design, majoring in illustration in his final year at Monash University in 1997, and has worked as a graphic designer since 1998. Most notably he is the designer of the current new Australian Passport, which was officially released as standard issue to all Australian travelers on the 28th May 2009. His personal artistic interests include photography and photo-based art, drawing, illustration, and t-shirt design. In March this year, Mark was awarded Artist of the Year at the inaugural Wildspace Exhibition highlighting endangered Australian species at Federation Square.

Kathryn Harrison

I grew up on a farm and learned to drive in my mother’s canary yellow Toyota Corolla. This was a positive experience until my sister took it “paddock bashing” and we went over a channel bank and landed in the channel. I fainted while my sister panicked thinking I was dead. When I recovered, Dad got a tractor and pulled it out. It still went as good as new. Now that’s tough. I still live in the country, with my husband and three beautiful daughters. I work as a part-time teacher-librarian and write and illustrate in the other part of my world

The car I own, my passion, was never sold in Australia. A Japanese model only, it escapes me how this car was never sold all over the world. It has spawned a subculture of enthusiasts around the world and even in Australia is revered as a mighty car. Even though it is 13 years old, it is still capable of outperforming new and much more expensive cars today. Renowned for its natural drifting capability (still winning Drift Championships today) this car is a great dichotomy of conservative exterior look with intrinsic performance and intense fun. Having lived in Japan, I have seen this car both in its original context and in a very, very different setting here in Australia – regardless, it lives up to its ad campaign moniker, “The Strong”. This is my JZX100 Toyota Chaser. In the background is the original Toyota Jidosha logo – The Chaser, like this logo, embodies the best of what Toyota stands for.

Last word

Nicolas began work at Toyota in 2003 as a senior designer at Toyota Style Australia (TMCA’s styling design studio). He was soon promoted to Design Manager before a ten-month secondment to Design Headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. Cars that he has designed include the exterior design of the Sportivo Coupe Concept Car and the Toyota Aurion. He has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of NSW (Class 1 Hons – Dux). His visual art practice is mostly self-taught and focuses mainly on concept art and futurism.

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