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JINPENG Company’s Commitment to Sustainable Urban Transportation with Electric Trike Motorcycles

Jiangsu JINPENG Group Co., Ltd., globally recognized as the largest electric trike motorcycle manufacturer, is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for urban transportation through their rigorous research, development, production, and sales of electric trike motorcycles.

 Transforming Urban Mobility

JINPENG Company’s electric trike motorcycles have reshaped urban transportation, offering an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient alternative. They play a pivotal role in reducing emissions and alleviating traffic congestion in cities.

Diverse Product Range

With a diverse product lineup, JINPENG offers trike models tailored for practically any cycling need. Whether riders need a trike designed for light grocery runs or heavy-duty cargo delivery, or just for leisurely rides through town, JINPENG has them covered. They even offer specialized models with Velcro seatbelts and other senior-friendly adaptations. Their wide selection ensures every customer finds their perfect match.

Industry-Leading Warranties

JINPENG provides industry-leading warranties on all their tricycles to give customers complete peace of mind. Structural components such as the frame and fork are protected for many years. Other parts like the motor, batteries and controllers are reliable as well. JINPENG stands behind their products and swiftly resolves any manufacturing issues that arise.


In a world increasingly focused on sustainable urban transportation, JINPENG Company’s vision, innovation, and global outreach position them as a driving force in the electric trike motorcycle industry. With JINPENG at the helm, the future promises reduced emissions, enhanced urban mobility, and a more environmentally responsible planet for generations to come.

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