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Despite the fact that the prosecution in the case of Sylvia India Trivedi Bloomberg was able to establish that the defendant was planning to kill three people, the defense lawyers claim that they were able to establish that the authorities were already on the suspect’s trail from the beginning. Grant Amato’s descent began when he fell in love with a webcam girl.

Grant Amato began his downward spiral when he met a girl on a webcam.

Grant Amato seems to have had a difficult life. His parents considered him a ne’er-do well. He was a college graduate and lived with his brother Cody and parents. He was a highly skilled nurse and student during his prime. In recent years, Amato is a self-indulgent slacker with a gun and no interest in the outside world.

Grant began his downward spiral when he played match-wits with the father via a webcam. To pay his parents, he later did a very naughty thing. He was given a harsh but necessary punishment. After a 24-hour manhunt, Amato was finally thrown into the hole. Amato was convicted of first-degree murder. He was then given the axe. Amato is now a felon and will spend his entire life behind bars.

Grant Amato was a master of many trades but a master of none. The above-mentioned tussle was allegedly the result of his obsession with the webcam model. He took his frustrations to his parents and then on his younger brother.

Grant Amato’s defense team asserts that authorities had zeroed in right away on the suspect since day one

Grant Amato’s defense team claimed that authorities had zeroed in on Amato from the beginning of the trial. They are trying to put a halt to the State’s timeline.

Prosecutors claim that Grant Amato was obsessed by a call girl from Bulgaria and used the family’s money as fuel. Grant’s extravagant spending on gifts and sex toys for the Bulgarian woman angered his family. In January, the state claims that Grant killed his brother and parents.

The defense team claims that the evidence is inconsistent and that analysis analysts didn’t process it. The defense team also claims that investigators failed to consider other factors. They claim Grant’s actions weren’t intentional and that they were the result of his addiction.

According to the defense team, Grant’s brother Cody Amato is the key to the crime. He was the last to see Cody Amato, his father. He also testified about the last time he saw his brother Cody Amato.

Grant Amato was convicted on three counts for premeditated murder in the first degree.

Grant Amato was found guilty of three counts for premeditated murder in the March murders of his brother and parents. He was found guilty by the jury, and will spend the rest his life in prison with the possibility to be sentenced to the death penalty.

Prosecutors showed video of Grant Amato obsessing about Sylvia Ventsislavova during the trial. Amato’s thumb drive also contained explicit photos. Grant pleaded guilty to all charges. Grant’s lawyers argued that analysts failed to properly process the evidence. They claimed that investigators failed to consider other suspects.

The prosecution’s timeline was not correct. They claimed that it was possible for each family member to have been killed at different times.


Grant’s brother Jason testified during the trial. He testified about the relationships among the family members during the months preceding the murders. He also testified about the ultimatum Chad gave Grant. Jason was unable to give Grant the benefit-of-the doubt during the trial.

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