How to play Tan  is both easy to play and easy to win for new players

 How to play Tan is one of cCard games using a deck of 52 cards attract a large number of players. This card game genre has become a favorite choice thanks to its high entertainment quality and ability to bring effective moments of relaxation. To approach this game easily, let’s New888 Learn  How to play Tan  card game for beginners.

What type of card is Bai Tan?

Bai Tan is a card game originating from Russia, and has become one of the popular ways of playing Western cards in Vietnam and many other countries. How to play Tan  is conducted by 2-4 people, in which the person with the last card remaining is the loser.

Although Tan card game has some similarities with the card game cheat and lie, its rules have many differences. The notes and  How to play Tan  card that are shared below will help players better understand how to play this card correctly and fairly.

Details on  How to play Tan  effectively for beginners in 2023

Playing the Tan card game according to this guide, players will experience an interesting and challenging version. To participate in the game effectively, follow these rules:

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Deal the cards and determine the trump suit

In  How to play Tan , nPlayers will be dealt 8 cards each and the remaining cards are placed face down on the table. Then the members will draw any card and place it face down under the face-down cards. The face-up card will determine the suit of the cards in the game.

The suit of the face-up cards will dominate in order from 2 to Ace (Ace is the highest). For example, if the up card is 3 (diamond), then diamonds will be the trump suit, 2 (diamonds) will be the lowest card, and A (diamonds) will be the highest suit.

Identify attackers and defenders

The attacker will play a card from his hand, advice from New88 It’s best to play the small card first and not the trump card. The person to the right of the attacker will block with a card of the same suit and higher value. For example, if the attacker plays a 3 (heart), the blocker will play a 4 – A (ace) (heart) or block with any card.

The remaining players will continue to attack with the attacker with cards of the same value that were played. For example, if the attacker plays a 4 (heart), the defender will play a 6 (heart), then the other attacker will play a 4 or 6 with any suit. If not, then skip it.

How to play attack: Lose and change players to attack

If the blocker cannot block and gives up, then the blocker will have to raise all the cards to his/her hand. The person on the right hand of the person supporting the attack will open a new circle to attack. Those who have cards in their hand but do not have 8 cards will have to pick up the face-down cards on the table to complete 8 in the order of the attacker and turn counter-clockwise.

Continue playing like this until someone runs out of cards first. That person will be the winner of the game.

 How to play Tan  Simply brings interesting experiences and tense, exciting moments in matches.

Notes to help rookies win quickly when playing Tan

Important notes in How to play Tan  Helps the game be fair, avoids cheating and creates a serious and fun playing environment:

  • When it’s your turn to play a card, but if you say or do anything that causes the remaining players to misunderstand during your turn, you are not allowed to return and the turn will continue.
  • When it is their turn to play and they have talked about the card they intended to play, the player must put down that card and cannot change it. In case it cannot be lowered, there will be a penalty for drawing additional cards.
  • When the player who is going first has not officially decided to put down his cards but the next player has hastily put down his own cards, the player going first has the right to ask the next player to pick up his cards again to avoid revealing his cards.
  • Players have the right to keep the number of cards remaining in their hand secret. Other players can only play a maximum number of cards equal to the number of cards the player holds in hand in a round.
  • Players are not allowed to count or check the cards that have been laid down, but can only calculate mentally. It is forbidden to rummage through trash to avoid fraud. If caught rummaging through trash, the player may lose or have to draw more cards depending on the previous convention.

Above New88 shared information about  How to play Tan and important notes. This will help people better understand this game and enjoy a fair and enjoyable card playing experience. Connect and share information with friends, relatives and playmates to create more fun and excitement in gatherings and meetings.

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