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Enhancing Performance with Commercial Tyres

When it comes to commercial tyres, Techking is a name that stands out. With their innovative designs and advanced features, they offer a range of high-performance tyres that excel in various commercial applications. Let’s explore the power of Techking’s commercial tyres, with a special recommendation for the ETFN U model.

The Features of Techking Commercial Tyres

Techking’s commercial tyres, including the ETFN U, are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in demanding conditions. Here are some noteworthy features:

High-Tensile Steel Wires Design: The ETFN U model is designed with high-tensile steel wires, providing enhanced impact resistance performance. This design ensures durability, allowing the tyres to withstand the rigors of commercial use and offer reliable performance over an extended period.

Super Cut & Chip Resistance Compound: Techking’s commercial tyres are equipped with a specially formulated compound that offers superior cut and chip resistance. This feature makes them ideal for mixed road applications, where the tyres encounter various surfaces and potential hazards.

160% Load Capacity for 12.00R20: The ETFN U model boasts an impressive 160% load capacity for the 12.00R20 size. This means that these tyres can handle heavy loads with ease, making them suitable for commercial vehicles operating in demanding environments.


When it comes to commercial tyres, Techking is the brand you can trust. Their range of high-performance tyres, including the recommended ETFN U model, offers advanced features like high-tensile steel wires, cut and chip resistance compound, and increased load capacity. Contact Techking today to experience the power and reliability of their commercial tyres, and elevate the performance of your commercial vehicles.

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