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Empowering Energy Management with Londian LD103: A Leading Smart Electric Meter Supplier

In the realm of energy management, Londian LD103 has emerged as a pioneer in the field of smart electric meters. With its advanced functionalities and unwavering commitment to precision, Londian LD103 stands tall as a trusted and leading supplier of smart electric meters. LD103 offers stable and reliable measurement functions that revolutionize energy management across various sectors, including residential areas, apartments, schools, government agencies, and public buildings.

Unleashing the Power of Londian LD103: Advanced Functionality for Precise Measurement

Londian LD103 smart electric meter sets a new benchmark for precise energy measurement. Its voltage range, spanning from 100V to 240V, ensures accurate readings that cater to a diverse range of electrical environments. Operating within a range of 0.7Un-1.3Un, LD103 guarantees reliable measurements even in challenging conditions. The LD103 meter’s current range options, ranging from 5(40)A to 5(100)A, offer flexibility and adaptability to meet varying energy consumption requirements.

Seamless Integration and Enhanced Security: Londian as a Smart Meter Supplier

Londian LD103 smart meters are built to seamlessly integrate into energy management systems. With plug-and-play communication modules, including cellular, PLC, RF, and wired/wireless options, LD103 ensures efficient data transmission and real-time monitoring. The inclusion of communication interfaces such as infrared, RS485, and M-Bus further enhances connectivity and interoperability with external systems.

To fortify data integrity and protect against tampering, the LD103 meter is equipped with robust anti-tamper features. These include load unbalance detection, covers open detection, magnetic field detection, and neutral detection. By actively monitoring and alerting against any suspicious activities, LD103 guarantees the accuracy and reliability of energy consumption measurements.


Londian LD103 stands as one of a leading smart meter suppliers, spearheading the advancement of energy management. With its advanced functionality, LD103 ensures precise energy measurement, empowering organizations across residential, commercial, and public sectors. The seamless integration capabilities and enhanced security features make LD103 a trusted choice for those seeking efficient and reliable energy management solutions. Londian LD103 continues to drive innovation and excellence, cementing its position as a key player in the smart meter industry.

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