Education and culture – Future Foundation Hi88 for the young generation

Educational culture is always the most concerned aspect of the corporation Link Hi88 for the community. The i9 Future Fund hopes to bring mental and physical encouragement to the generation of disadvantaged children. Specific activities by awarding many gifts and scholarships to children.

Future Fund Hi88 towards youth educational culture

Children are the important preschool of the country, understand this, corporationsHi88 has a great goal of creating a learning environment and equal development opportunities for talented people. With the hope of bringing motivation to go to school for many children.

Hi88 surveyed each place, went to each region, met children who were both mentally and materially deprived. Recognizing this special situation, the group actively offers many support policies for students to pursue more sustainable development.educational culture.

Aiming to educate children – the future of the country

Cultural and educational scholarship of the group Hi88

Help children overcome difficulties in going to school, strive to cultivate useful life experiences and knowledge so that they can have a brighter future and live a more meaningful life.

Charity group – Career counseling of Hi88

Established with the goal of improving the lives of disadvantaged children living in remote areas who do not have the opportunity to go to school. Started operating from 2019 until now, with only 5 years, but what thatHi88 achieved is not a small number.

Not stopping there, the group always has charity events, spreading its love to the children. Besides,Hi88 He also conveyed his thoughts, with positive career guidance shares.

The Group believes that, only the environment educational culture can help them become more successful and escape poverty.

Knowledge development – Educational culture

The Group supports the provision of learning tools, teaching equipment, uniforms, and new school bags for children during the opening of school. This will help children have more motivation to go to school. Have more interest in going to school, reading and writing.

Developing Vietnamese knowledge

Some typical activities in recent times

Started volunteering in 2019, with a noble gesture educational culture is to give many gifts on the occasion of the new year to fellow children.

In 2022, the foundation established “Love Meal” with thousands of free meals for hospitals.

Last year, the group’s journey of connecting love did not hesitate to travel over 200km to Son La, giving many rewards to students and disadvantaged households.

On December 6, 2023, the group honored the courage of many heroic martyrs who sacrificed themselves for their country.

In early 2024,Hi88 brought many gifts to children in highland areas.

Vision – Mission of working for the community Hi88

To develop as it is now, Hi88 has set out a clear operating motto. The noble mission is to develop the betting community, besides improving the lives of society. Change people’s view of a playground like Hi88.
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Future Fund Hi88 carries a determination for a brighter future for society. Although established late, the group has worked day and night to become the most prestigious and reliable source of charity funds in Vietnam.

Besides, Hi88 also focuses on solving many social problems, especially related to Educational culture for children. Encourage children to constantly study and practice well the motto “Today cannot be changed, but the opportunity is still there tomorrow”.


Through volunteer activities from the Future Fund, Hi88 I want to send my heart to the community. Change a better future for society.

Besides, with many prejudices from betting activities in Vietnam, the group hopes that through these many meaningful actions, it will help people think differently about a business system of these products.

Our mission

Core values

Humane – Dedicated – Responsible – Professional

Future Fund educational culture operates with capital formed from betting profits. Together with the group’s finances and the cooperation of all fellow bettors to provide.

We have a method for fully recording incoming funds, ensuring transparency and compliance with the law.

The Group wishes to spread to society the message “For a brighter future for the young generation”

Thus, the above article has sent information about educational culture Group Hi88 in the most detailed way. Hopefully, from this sharing, readers will clearly understand the thoughts and feelings in each activity of this classy brand. Wishing you a very good and healthy day!

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