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Comprehensive Coverage and Hassle-Free Power with ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera

Home security is of utmost importance, and wireless CCTV cameras provide a convenient and effective solution. The ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera offers advanced features such as solar-powered and 100% wire-free capabilities, flexible pan-tilt functionality, 2-way audio communication, and reliable wireless connectivity.

Comprehensive Coverage

Flexible Pan Tilt and 360° Coverage

The ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera allows users to have complete control over their surveillance. With 355° horizontal rotation and 120° vertical rotation, users can adjust the camera’s field of view through the app. The 4X digital zoom feature enables a closer view of specific areas of interest. With a 130-degree wide-angle lens, the camera ensures a panoramic shot of every corner of your home, shop, or garage.

2-Way Audio

The ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera features 2-way audio communication, providing an added layer of security. Using the app, users can communicate with visitors or potential intruders in real-time. This functionality allows for immediate responses and the ability to deter unwanted activities, even when away from home.

Hassle-Free Power

Solar Powered and Wire-Free

Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent battery changes or removing the camera to charge. The ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera is equipped with a solar panel and 5200mAh batteries, ensuring a constant power source. With eternal power, you can enjoy uninterrupted surveillance without any downtime.

4dbi Dual Antennas

Reliable wireless connectivity is crucial for effective monitoring. The ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera comes with 4dbi dual antennas, guaranteeing a stable and consistent connection to your home network. This ensures uninterrupted monitoring and immediate real-time notifications, keeping you informed and in control.


With the ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera, you can experience comprehensive coverage and hassle-free power. Its flexible pan-tilt functionality and 360° coverage provide a complete view of your surroundings, while the 2-way audio communication allows for real-time interaction. The solar-powered feature and reliable wireless connectivity ensure continuous surveillance without any inconvenience. Ensure the safety of your home or property with the advanced features of the ieGeek Wireless CCTV Camera.

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