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Common Drywall Problems and Solutions for Orlando Homeowners

Drywall is a very common building material, at least in this part of the word. Also known as gypsum board, it is very commonly used because of its affordability and durability. It also helps that it is quite easy to install. However, as wonderful as this material may be, it is subject to a few issues especially when it’s been up for a while.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the common problems that homeowners in Orlando and indeed other parts, may experience with the use of this material. We’ll also look at some solutions that homeowners can employ to help resolve these common issues when they have occurred or prevent them so they don’t occur. This is important because, aside from the fact that they don’t look good, if left unattended to, some of these issues can deteriorate into health hazards.

Common Drywall Problems, Possible Fixes and Prevention

We’ll now quickly look at some of the most common problems that drywalls have and also provide fixes as well as preventive measures that can be taken by homeowners.

Water Damage

This is one of the most common issues that Orlando homeowners are likely to face. Drywalls can be experience water damage from flooding, leaks and even high humidity. When this happens, it begins to get discolored, develop bubbles or warp. The first sign is usually a discoloration of the areas in contact with moisture.

Repair Tip

Repairing water damage issues begins from identifying where the leak is coming from. Once the leak or source of the moisture is identified and fixed, you can then begin to fix the damage. The best solution is to cut out the affected areas, make sure that the area is completely dry and mold free and then installing new drywall into the space.


To prevent water damage to your drywall, ensure that all parts of the house that have high moisture levels are well ventilated. You should actually go for drywall that designed to resist moisture in these areas. Next, ensure that leaks from any source are fixed promptly.


Cracks are a common occurrence in Orlando. This can usually be the result of widely varying temperatures that result in expansions and contractions. Cracks can begin to appear as the drywall goes through the process of settling. It can also be the result of wrong installation.

Repair Tips

How a crack will be repaired will depend on the extent of the crack. Small cracks can simply be repaired by filling it with an appropriate joint compound or spackling. The area can then be sanded down to smoothen it. For more severe or larger cracks, a drywall patch or even a mesh tape can be used to keep the two parts together before you add the filler and sanding it down. This video shows an example of how this can be done.


The first thing that should be done to prevent this type of damage is proper installation. Once the drywall is correctly installed with good support, you can then further prevent undue reaction to temperature changes by making use of top quality primer and paints.

Peeling Paint

This is one really common issue that a drywall will have especially if it’s in an area that is exposed to moisture directly or as a result of a leak. Though it is possible for paint to peel because of a bad paint job, more often than not, it’s usually because of exposure to high moisture levels. It’s also not uncommon to find mold growing in this area.


The solution to this is to simply scrape off the old, peeling paint, ensuring that no flakes are left behind. The area should then be properly sanded, a good quality primer applied before repainting is done. Needless to say, you have to ensure that the area is dry and well ventilated, especially if there’s the possibility of the exposure to moisture continuing.


The first step in preventing paint peeling is to ensure that any paint job is done well. This will also mean that good quality paints and primers are used. Next, the area should be efficiently ventilated so that it will be difficult for moisture to remain in the atmosphere for long.

These are just a few common problems that homeowners in Orlando may experience with their drywalls. It’s always best to work with professionals from the get go as this will reduce the risk of these damages occurring. You can check out contractors like Drywall Orlando Pro for tips on how to find such professionals. Don’t wait until you have issue before calling professionals. Let them handle the installation so you can enjoy your home for years to come.


We’ve taken some time to look at a few common issues that can affect homeowners in Orlando with regards to drywall problems. The tips we’ve shared here will help you get started in your bid to find a solution. Remember that prevention is always better than cure, so do all within your power to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place.

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