Automation-Driven Warehousing: ForwardX Robotics

The rapid development of e-commerce has brought about an increase in the volume of express parcels. The continuous rise in the volume of express delivery brings pressure on the logistics and warehousing industry in terms of cost and timeliness, especially during the epidemic, when not only the cost of the workforce rises but also the safety of work cannot be guaranteed. Compared with manual work, logistics robots work not only long hours but also have high efficiency, and a low error rate is also guaranteed. The logistics robot can replace manual work and has become the new choice of many companies. ForwardX Robotics, a professional and innovative technology company, has been researching automation picking solutions for many years, and they are here to introduce their fourth-generation AMR robot products.

Quality Customization

ForwardX offers AMR products for different application scenarios and creates customized solutions for customers based on the company’s actual situation. Although generic product solutions can adapt to most scenarios and enterprises, they cannot achieve a perfect match due to the different development statuses of enterprises and differences in their characteristics.

ForwardX, on the other hand, based on its deep understanding of the industry and years of experience, combined with the development and operation status of the enterprises themselves, creates more targeted, customized solutions for them, which can not only improve the matching degree of products and scenarios but also provide better services and create higher value for customers.

Complete and Attentive Customer Service

ForwardX continues to improve its service system to solve customers’ worries. In addition to the performance and quality of the robot product itself, service is also one of the important factors for customers to consider when choosing ForwardX. To provide customers with quality service and solve their worries, ForwardX has also made great efforts in the service aspect.


ForwardX not only provides innovative and practical fourth-generation “vision recognition + laser” AMRs, but they also develop and provide an exclusive F(x) cluster dispatching system for AMR use, providing a better and more complete solution for warehousing. Visit ForwardX‘s official website for more information.

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