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Introducing the Winline NXREC01-20kW 750V DC Charging Module

The Winline NXREC01-20kW 750V DC Charging Module is a groundbreaking solution designed to address the challenges of the charging station industry. As one of the outstanding charging station suppliers, Winline has engineered this module with exceptional features that redefine efficiency and reliability.

Key Features

The NXREC01-20kW module stands out with its wide output voltage range from 50V to 750Vdc, accommodating diverse electric vehicle types and charging requirements. It boasts ultra-low standby power consumption, promoting energy efficiency and cost savings. Operating reliably from -40 to 60℃, it ensures consistent performance in various environmental conditions. With a full-load working efficiency of ≥ 95.5%, the module optimizes energy consumption and reduces operational costs. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, it offers high power density and minimizes reactive power, thereby improving overall efficiency in electric vehicle charging operations.

Application Versatility

The Winline NXREC01-20kW 750V DC Charging Module is versatile, suitable for public charging networks, commercial fleets, and private facilities. Its robust design and advanced features ensure reliable and efficient charging for electric vehicles across various applications. Whether installed in urban settings, highways, or corporate campuses, the module delivers consistent performance and supports sustainable transportation initiatives.

Safety and Compliance

Ensuring safety is paramount for Winline, and the NXREC01-20kW module is equipped with multiple protection designs and active protective functions. These features monitor all communication data during the charging process, detecting and issuing early warnings for any abnormalities. This proactive approach enhances user safety and protects vehicles from potential damage, reinforcing trust in Winline’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Future-Ready Technology

With rapid advancements in electric vehicle technology, the Winline NXREC01-20kW module is designed to meet future demands. Its scalable infrastructure supports evolving industry standards and emerging technologies, ensuring compatibility with next-generation electric vehicles and charging network expansions.


In conclusion, as  one of the outstanding charging station suppliers, the Winline NXREC01-20kW 750V DC Charging Module represents a significant advancement in electric vehicle charging technology. With its innovative design and exceptional performance metrics, Winline continues to set new standards for reliability and efficiency in the charging station industry. Whether enhancing public infrastructure or supporting private charging solutions, Winline remains at the forefront of sustainable mobility solutions with its commitment to quality, safety, and innovation.

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