Buying bags for cookies means providing an increased demand for these products. This delicacy is very popular and comes in many varieties. Among the variety of similar products, the original packaged goods are more likely to be purchased. Conversely, the highest quality products will not arouse interest if they are sloppy or inconveniently packaged.

In addition, baked goods must be protected from various factors affecting their freshness, appearance, and taste. So, it is worth taking a responsible approach to the choice of cookie bags.

Cardboard bags for cookies: simple, aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive

For confectionery products such as cookies or gingerbread, it is most logical to use cardboard boxes. High-quality micro-corrugated boards for food products are best suited for this purpose. This packaging option provides several advantages at once:

  • protection from the negative influence of external factors;
  • aesthetics of natural material;
  • optimal price.

Food-grade cardboard has been around for decades. And, despite the emergence of many new, more modern materials, it still has not lost its relevance as a package. And this is no coincidence. When using micro corrugated cardboard as a material for a biscuit box, the price of the finished product will not be significantly increased.

With the general craving for eco-friendly materials, the refined pulp is the most advantageous option for food packaging. At the same time, such packaging perfectly copes with the main functions. Micro Corrugated board:

  • strong enough to protect pastries from mechanical damage;
  • breathable and relatively airtight – the product will not dry out (aeration);
  • hygienic, does not contain (and will not transfer) toxic and harmful substances to the contents;
  • moisture resistant, the box will not lose its shape, and the biscuits will have crispy properties;
  • plastic can be used to make the packaging of any shape;
  • comfortable to use;
  • not afraid of temperature changes – the packaging (along with the contents) will remain intact;
  • It weighs little, which greatly facilitates transportation.

In addition, the material is environmentally friendly, does not harm the environment and is simply recycled. The micro corrugated pastry box takes on all the benefits of this time-tested material.

A good option for any treats

Manufacturers of packaging materials carefully follow the current trends and create packages for confectionery products that are diverse in configuration, design, design and purpose. Cookie boxes differ in several ways:

  • shape (polygon, square, rectangle);
  • design features (book, removable cover, pencil case);
  • colors (natural, white or brown, silver or gold, plain surface or with a pattern);
  • design (handles, window);
  • filling (inserts, separators).

Most often, confectionery manufacturers prefer to buy a cookie box in a classic design. Especially with a large batch of products. Square or rectangular cardboard boxes perfectly keep their shape and save pastries from deformation during transportation or storage “in a stack”.

This is the most compact storage and display option. As for the design, the option with a transparent window is becoming increasingly popular. White color is budget, but at the same time, aesthetically pleasing and practical. Depending on the volume and weight of the biscuits to be packed, our company’s specialists will advise on the optimal size of the boxes in each specific case.

Cookie bag design with transparent window

Such a simple and practical detail as a transparent display window is a great marketing ploy. Appetizing sweets put on display involuntarily attract the eye. A person has a desire, at the sight of such a cookie box, to buy this particular delicacy immediately. At the same time, the product remains still reliably protected from moisture, drying out, foreign odors and dust. The advantages of this design include additional comfort for the buyer: without opening the lid, you can see the product itself, and not its photo. Products do not need to be collected by hand, everything is already packaged. This approach saves the buyer time, and also reduces losses (the number of broken pastries). The neat box is easy to carry, and the shock-absorbing properties of the cardboard base and the rigidity of the walls will keep the treats intact. Confectionery in this form can be immediately put on the festive table, give, and arrange presentations. Therefore, such a design of the goods does not lose its relevance.

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