Everything You Need to Know About Paper Banding

There are tons of wrapping materials available across the globe. Because the e-commerce industry witnessed a massive boost during COVID 19, packaging firms have started to work to their full capacity.

Out of the several packaging options, the paper banding industry has picked up the pace again, and companies are acknowledging it for its incredible benefits.

But, why has the world gone berserk over paper banding?

For your information, paper banding is one of the most common wrapping materials that make it easier for anyone to hold a few pieces of a certain product together. For example, if a bundle of matchsticks has to be held tightly, the paper band will ensure that every part remains intact.

Also chanted as paper taping, paper banding is usually done with a strip of study paper wrapped around your material.  A paper banding machine is used for this to happen since it can hold everything together.

How Does it Work?

The paper banding machine covers the products with paper straps. This machine is usually handheld since one has to take care of not causing any damage to the products being held together. The quality of the paper is top-notch since it has to keep everything intact for a long time.

Plus, if there’s even a minor issue, it will strongly impact everything being stacked together. And depending on the size of the stack, you might want to double coat the bundle.

Especially if the product has to be shipped to a far-flung area, the integrity of the packaging has to be of the finest quality. Since paper can easily be torn, paper banding has to be sturdy. Thankfully, it is due to the sturdiness that firms can rest assured that their customers receive the product just as it was dispatched.

Paper banding is acknowledged as the best form of protection since it will provide added marketing opportunities without the business having to pay more price. In this article, we will discuss its benefits and its applications.

Benefits of Paper Banding

  • Simple

The primary benefit of using paper banding is it is simple and precise. All you have to do is, stack the products and wrap them with the paper bands within the machine. Therefore, you can rest assured about using this packaging material to keep everything in place.

  • Easy to Remove

Since paper is easy to use, it can be remodeled easily. This means that as soon as a customer receives a product bundle, it won’t take them more than a few seconds to unwrap it. Despite the ease to unwrap, one can’t question how well it protects the product.

  • Efficient

Since paper banding can quickly be done within a few seconds, it boosts the efficiency of the packaging business without much effort. Due to this reason, businesses are making the most out of this packaging material.

  • Saved Money

Another concrete benefit of using paper banding is that it is less expensive than the conventional packaging methods. Because every business owner aims to maximize expenses, paper banding allows for saving money.

  • Wrap Large Stacks of Material

Thanks to the paper bands, wrapping large stacks of material is easier than ever. Today, since paper bands are of the finest quality, they will help stack large stacks of different products.

  • Less Damaging

Here, it is fair enough to say this method causes little to no damage. Since paper is easy to use, it won’t cause any damage to the stuff that is being wrapped. On the contrary, if the bundle is wrapped around with conventional tape, it will cause wear and tear off the original packaging.

  • Saves Time

Another compelling benefit of paper banding is that it saves time. Contrary to popular belief, paper banding is easy to use and allows an individual to wrap the product quickly. Thus, saving time that could eventually be consumed with any other method.

The Applications of Paper Banding and Interesting Ideas

  • Bundling Magazines

There’s no running away from the fact magazines have to be dispatched in bundles. Especially when they are ready to be sent over to various people, they are usually bound with paper tape and forwarded to the concerned people. Therefore, this is usually where most of the paper banding work goes.

  • Bundling Business Cards

Since business cards are all over, handling them is crucial for every business owner. Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you will know that business cards are always carried in bundles since they are small in size. Plus, they won’t lose the order when the paper is taped properly.

  • Bundling Brochures

Once again, paper banding is brought into place since it is used for bundling various brochures. Since brochures are printed in large numbers, they have to be stacked with one another, so neither of the issues gets misplaced.

  • Bundling Postcards

Although the postcards aren’t very much a part of the scene, they are still used widely. The typical postcards are usually distributed at cultural and religious events. Therefore, after being printed, they are paper taped and dispatched.

  • Bundling Literature

Although we live in a digital age, literature continues to get printed because people are obsessed with reading. Therefore, once the books are printed and ready to be dispatched, they are paper tapped. Today, books are dispatched with paper tape around them. As a result, the reader can find them in secure condition.

What to Consider When Buying a Paper Banding Machine?

Today, tons of paper banding machines are being sold in the market. And if you have plans to buy one of them online, you need to be careful about it. After all, the online market is full of scammers and predators looking forward to looting your money. You also have to consider your budget and work requirements. There is a chance that you might get what you need at a lower price if you know what you are doing.

So whenever you’re sifting through an online platform for a paper banding machine, ensure to check the client reviews. Plus, ensure that the website has a positive reputation itself. Lastly, ensure to check if your requirements for the paper banding machine are being fulfilled or not.

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