Do All Heat Pumps Make Noise?

Are you curious as to whether heat pumps create the same amount of noise as air conditioners, even if it is soothing white noise?  Please read the blog and find the answer!

A heat pump may make noise, but is this normal?

A heat pump will typically generate some noise. This is done so that the blower fan can disperse air around your house and the condenser fan can draw outside air through the coils for heat transfer. But if you are searching for a quiet heat pump, come to Poolworld!

Which is the quietest heat pump in Poolworld?

All the heat pump in Poolworld has super silent mode and the reasons are as follows:

  1. The internal sheet metal is pasted with PU wave sound-absorbing cotton, which can effectively absorb and block the high, medium, and low frequencies of the compressor operating sound;
  2. The space where the compressor is located adopts a fully enclosed design, and the entire whole is treated with suction and sound insulation;
  3. The fan’s internal structure is made to effectively lessen the noise it makes;
  4. Low-speed silent mode function; select applications based on users’ requirements.


Poolworld has more than 13 years of experience in exporting, working with suppliers and distributors in their home markets. Our experienced, international, and customer-focused workforce is trained to help our partners discover the best solution to meet their needs. We are aware that our company’s consumers are our most valuable asset. We sincerely believe that Poolworld can provide you with a high-quality product, so please get in touch with us right now to learn more!

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