Betting on the total number of goals and tips to win big money

Betting on the total number of goals is no longer a far-fetched bet among soccer bettors. This is a type of soccer bet that is sought after by many players because of its diverse betting methods and extremely attractive rewards. The article is below New88 will provide some basic information as well as reveal golden tips so you can easily bring money into your pocket!
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General features of the total goals bet type

This is a popular type of bet that appears on most soccer betting sites today. To put it simply, you just need to pay attention to the total number of goals that the two teams will score in the match.

You really don’t need to worry too much about which team will win. This bet is only calculated during the official 90 minutes of the match. Therefore, goals in extra time will not be counted in the final result.

Usually, bookmakers will make predictions about the total number of goals scored in the match with certain bonus odds. Players will observe, make judgments and bet based on their own thinking to have the highest chance of winning. The bonus will be calculated by multiplying the odds by the amount the player initially placed.

Name the 3 most sought-after forms of total goals betting today

For this total goals bet, players will have 3 options to bet on. Therefore, you need to consider carefully to choose the most suitable betting form as follows:

Bet on the total number of goals in the first 45 minutes of the half

The time used for this bet will be 45 minutes of the first half. The player will predict the total number of goals scored during the half. Any results occurring after the first 45 minutes will not be included in this market.

Bet on the total number of goals for the 90 minute match

Similar to the first half, this bet will apply to the entire 90 minutes of the match. Your task is to make an accurate guess about the total number of goals both teams will score to place your bet. Results in extra time and penalty shootouts will not be considered for this bet. If your prediction is correct, the bonus the player receives will be extremely generous.

Bet on the total number of goals scored in extra time

This total goals bet is only opened when the match enters extra time. This type of bet does not appear often because it depends on the situation of each specific match. Just like the previous two forms of betting, players also need to predict the total number of goals that will be scored during extra time.

List of 4 golden tips for you to “bring money” back into your pocket 

Each bet on the total number of goals will be guaranteed to take place in a completely fair and transparent manner. To be able to take home a bag full of generous rewards, you need to be equipped with basic knowledge and pocket “golden secrets”, some of the experiences shared below will be very useful for your process. Participate in betting:
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Bet selection – 2 teams are evenly matched

Participating in soccer betting with the total number of goals is a smart strategy. When two teams have similar strength, it often leads to matches with fewer goals. This helps players easily make betting decisions and control the number of goals in the match.

Betting on the total number of goals based on confrontation history

When participating in this bet, re-evaluating previous confrontations is an important part that you should not miss. Information about previous matches is often updated regularly and transparently on websites. You should take the time to review previous results, the number of goals, as well as the playing style of the two teams to help you have an intuitive view and make more accurate betting decisions.

The more information you gather, the better your chances of winning. Don’t hesitate to spend a little time and effort on this research process. The end result will leave you satisfied and worth your investment.

Consider the performance and competitive strength of the two teams

To have the most general view of the match, you need to consider the strength of both teams. You can start by collecting information about playing spirit, lineup, playing style, etc.

Football teams often have different strengths at each time of the season. Understanding each team’s strengths and weaknesses will help you predict the direction of the match. From there, you can be more confident when making betting decisions.

Be wise in choosing the most appropriate total goals bet

When participating in betting, the bets offered by the house can be very diverse, so players have many choices. Usually, bets with high odds often come with a lower probability of happening. This can cause many players with little experience to fall into the trap and fail in betting.

Therefore, you need to be alert and careful before making a betting decision. Carefully analyzing the match will help you have a more accurate and objective view to win bets. At the same time, you should choose bets with lower odds that can help you easily win rewards from the house.


In short, from the information shared through this article, you have complete confidence to participate Total goals bet and easily win prizes. However, to win resoundingly, be flexible in applying the knowledge you observe to your skills. Be confident in showing your bravery when participating in sports betting. Wishing you success and soon achieving many attractive rewards!

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